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New Heights: Counter-to-Ceiling Tile

By Kali

New Heights: Counter-to-Ceiling Tile

In a perfect world, we'd all have higher ceilings and breakfast in bed. Thankfully with us, you can have at least one of those things--by extending your tile installation from the countertop to the ceiling, you can help to visually add extra height to your space without having to pull out the sledgehammer.

Want to see the difference counter-to-ceiling tile can make? We've gathered the installations that we--dare we say it--really look up to.

Heightened Hues
We love tile installations that don't skimp on color. Counter-to-ceiling tile in a bold accent color not only adds height--it showcases your tile.

Fireclay Tile Inspiration Gallery: Mid-Century Modern Love

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Fluorite

This labor of love turned out to be a mid-century masterpiece, thanks to Robert Maurer's expert eye for color and interior design (and a little help from Design Consultant Tiffannie White).

Firecaly Tile Inspiration Gallery: At Home with Chaine Homme

Tile Shown: Chaine Homme in Slate Blue

Interior designer Becca Stephens and architect Jen Hill collaborated on this cozily eclectic kitchen featuring our Chaine Homme tile in Slate Blue.

Fireclay Tile Inspiration Gallery: Jana Bek's Caifornia Cool Kitchen

Tile Shown: 3x6 in Kiwi

The kitchen of interior designer Jana Bek reaches new heights with a counter-to-ceiling tile backsplash in Kiwi, its fresh hue infusing plenty of California-cool flair.

Tile Shown: 4" Hexagon in Aqua

Hawaii-based photographer and blogger Elana Jadallah invokes the islands' aqua blue oceans with her kitchen remodel.

Expansive Neutrals
Counter-to-ceiling installations also gives neutrals extra impact without sacrificing their timeless appeal. Plus, you can pair it with an endless array of pattern possibilities.

Glazed Thin Brick Shown: Olympic

This kitchen's seamless blend of craftsman and contemporary style is served best by a counter-to-ceiling Glazed Thin Brick backsplash in Olympic.

Fireclay Tile Blog: House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017

Glazed Thin Brick Shown: Front Range

In the 10th annual House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year, our Glazed Thin Brick in Meteorite takes the stage with Designer Jon De La Cruz's bold take on the offset pattern.

The Ultimate Wall Art
Forget frames--our Handpainted Tile can give your next counter-to-ceiling tile installation a whole new meaning. With the help of interior designer Lynn K. Leonidas, Sunset Magazine Editor-in-Chief Irene Edwards transforms her 1878 Victorian kitchen into a storied retreat.

Fireclay Tile Inspiration Gallery: Victorian Home Makeover feat. Sunset Magazine

Handpainted Tile Shown: Winter Mountain in Neutral Motif

Fireclay Tile Inspiration Gallery: Secret Agent PR's Revamped Office Kitchen

Handpainted Tile Shown: Old Cairo in Black and White Motif

Interior Stylist and award-winning blogger Kirsten Grove uses our Old Cairo in a Black and White Motif to amp up this eclectic LA office kitchen.

Tile Shown: Kasbah Trellis in Neutral Motif

This sleek and chic kitchen wows with its modern amenities, but a backsplash featuring our Handpainted Kasbah Trellis tile steals the show.

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