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Meet the Commercial Team: Victoria Engels

By Lindsey

Meet the Commercial Team: Victoria Engels

Working on a commercial project in Chicago or the Midwest? Meet Victoria Engels! Keep reading to learn more about Victoria's passion for sustainable design, and of course, tile. Don't forget to check out Victoria's Pinterest Board to see what keeps her inspired as she makes her way around The Windy City.

A bit about me...

As a true Midwesterner with roots in Chicago and Minneapolis, I grew up developing a curiosity and love for all things creative. My second love was days spent camping and canoeing in Northern Minnesota in the Boundary Waters Protected Wilderness. My time spent outdoors shaped my belief that we need to do all we can to protect and sustain our natural world. Both passions fueled my education in Studio Arts with a focus on Sustainable Interior Design. After about a decade of working in the industry and with tile, I was drawn to Fireclay after reading about its B Certification and focus on sustainability and community. I am passionate about our product and spend my time collaborating with design partners across the Midwest on unique and interesting projects. It's a joy working for a company that has the same vision and values as I do for our business and our planet.


My Style...

Influenced by art, graphic design, and global travel, my personal style is moody, classic, and textural. I believe great design has character and style executed with deliberate attention to material quality and detail.

My Favorite Fireclay Products...


1. 2x4 in Venetian Green - Venetian Green in this size can be used everywhere, from a classic design or set in a modern pattern to create drama and impact

2. Picket in White Wash - the simple shape and color combination add texture and sophistication to any space


Design: Tef Design for Dandelion Chocolate // Photos: Patricia Chang

3. Fallow in Cool Motif - Bold and graphic with endless pattern options to create fun and funky spaces


Photo: Sonja Rasula

My Three Favorite Fireclay Projects...

1. Studio 125 Kitchen by Wit & Delight - Navy Blue 2x8
This beautifully appointed space is the backdrop for an insanely creative team and open and airy studio space. Our tile is one piece of the well thought out and designed picture. With shared values (and love for dogs) the collaboration was a natural fit for this project.





Tile shown: Navy Blue 2x8 // Design + Photos: Wit & Delight

2. Kitchen by Caitlin McCarthy - Daisy Chaine Homme
This project has one of my favorite unique patterns tied together with immaculately appointed finishes and a unique cabinet color choice, I love the character of this space.




Tile shown: Daisy Chaine Homme // Design: Caitlin McCarthy Designs // Photos: Eric Rippin

3. Mister Jiu’s Parquet Bar Tile - Sea Green 2x8
A clever parquet pattern in this bold color brings character and balance to the dreamy minimal decor.




Tile Shown: Sea Green 2x8 // Design: Boor Bridges // Photos: Patricia Chang

Got an upcoming commercial project in Chicago or the Midwest? Get in touch with Victoria by e-mailing!

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