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Meet the Commercial Team: Katie Emigh

By Lindsey

Meet the Commercial Team: Katie Emigh

Working on a commercial project in Northern California? Meet Katie Emigh! Keep scrolling to learn more about Katie's eclectic Californian design aesthetic, her favorite Fireclay products, and what made her shift from our San Francisco Showroom to our Commercial Team. Don't forget to take a peek at her Pinterest Board (seriously, it's amazing) to see more of what keeps Katie inspired.

A bit about me...

For me, finding Fireclay was an act of pure magic. After working in art and picture framing for over a decade, I decided it was time to branch out. With an extremely useful (ha!) art degree and a Master's in Library Science, I wasn't exactly poised for anything specific. A former client of mine (hi Jen!) suggested I check out Fireclay and into the tile vortex I fell. My love of color and pattern went into overdrive and I immediately applied to work in the San Francisco showroom. My first interview solidified that this would be my next adventure. From the incredible team of humans I get the pleasure of working with every day, to the creative and ambitious projects I get to play a small part in; Fireclay is a true home for us lovable tile weirdos.

In January, I moved over to our commercial team after two years of working with some of the most talented residential designers in the Bay Area. I decided it was time to bring our motto, "Tile to the People" to all the people by working on public projects that everyone can enjoy and I am loving it.


Tile: Paseo in Tusk and Sunflower//Design: Sara and Rich Combs // Image: Margaret Austin Photography

My Style...

Above all, my design style is deeply rooted in nostalgia and time and place. Everything in my home has a story. As a third generation native Californian, I'm really into the varied natural elements, colors and aesthetics only the Golden State has to offer. I love repeating, circular motifs, calling to mind the moon. I also love open, light-filled spaces with dramatic pops of jewel tones, emerald greens, and pink. After years of admiring the perfect "cool girl" palette of white, wood, plants and leather, I've finally leaned into the fact that that girl isn't quite me (much to my chagrin). Contemporary minimalist, I am not. Give me pattern, give me color, give me drama, give me a story.

My Favorite Fireclay Tile Products...


Scalene Triangle in Stilbite: Who doesn't love PINK? This coral beauty in the geometric scalene pattern is the perfect punch of uninhibited joy.

3 x 9 Straight Set in Tusk: Tusk is my absolute favorite ceramic natural white. Less stark than White Gloss or White Wash and a little more organic than the luxe chalkiness of Calcite. Tusk also manages to make every color it's paired with even better.

3 x 3 Straight Set in Loch Ness: Oh Loch Ness, you moody goddess. This was one of the first colors that I fell in love with at Fireclay. She's dramatic, dynamic, and her depth knows no bounds. A straight set 3x3 is the perfect way to show off her broad wash of color and tone.


Tile: 3 x 3 in Lochness // Design: Vestige Home // Image: Kyle Born

My 3 Favorite Fireclay Projects...

1. A Mano Restaurant: This space tells a story and I am into it. The Hannah Collins team has designed some of my favorite restaurants in the city and they all have a distinct sense of place and nostalgia.


Tile: Scalene Triangle in White Wash // Design: Hannah Collins Design // Images: Aubrie Pick


2. The Effortless Chic Kitchen Remodel: This is a purely aspirational favorite for me. That cabinet color! The mix of materials (ceramic triangles and brick) and pattern! I love that there is harmony in juxtaposition. It is a joy to see what Jen Pinkston does with our tile.


Tile: Glazed Thin Brick inWhiteMountains (backsplash) and 6" Triangles in Calcite and Daisy (bar front) // Design: The Effortless Chic // Images: Katie Jameson


3. De Maria Restaurant: It is so cool to see such a rigid, resilient material coming off as soft and warm. The color blocking is a thing of beauty and the unexpected glaze combination is perfection.

4x4 tiles in a blend of colorful swatches at this commercial bar.

Tile: 4 x 4 in St. Alban's Blue, Persimmon, Shale, Sea Green, and Daffodil // Design: The MP Shift // Image: Heidi's Bridge

Got an upcoming commercial project in the Bay Area/Northern California? Get in touch with Katie by e-mailing

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