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Meet the Commercial Team: Caitlyn Child

Meet the Commercial Team: Caitlyn Child

A Bit About Me...
I hail from Portland, Oregon where coffee, recycling, and a good flannel is no joke. If you have lived there at any point in time you can probably say you had a kitchen or bathroom with super funky tile in it, either with tiny hexagon floors, black and white countertops with perfectly outlined trim pieces or a magical pink and turquoise wainscot. I guess you could say tile runs deep with this one. One thing I always admired about a good art deco tile, was how it stood up to the test of time and how much thought was taken into each liner and trim piece. It only made sense that when moving down to San Francisco I would be drawn to Fireclay Tile. I have never been more passionate about a company's mission and product. I love being able to share our vision and collaborate on truly unique projects with some of the most innovative designers in the world. I still get a little star struck when I meet with architects and designers who I followed so closely in school.

My Style...
I would describe my style as a drive along route 66. Rustic landscapes, historic landmarks, antique collectables, neon signs and campy diners.

My Favorite Fireclay Products....

4" Triangles in Basalt - In all actuality, any size, any color, any combination. This shape is timeless and resembles a mountain, are you seeing a theme here?

2x8s in Stilbite - I love when I see designers mixing in a splash of color to a mostly monochromatic palette. This always give a fun punch. I am not giving up on the pink bathroom. Go to Mister Jui's in San Francisco. That is a pink bathroom done right.

Brick in Blue Nebula - It reminds me of the fog rolling at the base of Mt. Hood in the morning. It has a subtle hint of color and a double glaze that makes it a perfect choice for a restuarant prep backsplash.

My Favorite Fireclay Projects...

The values of Karen and Anthony in how they think about the food and the enviornment is really captured in the design of this restaurant. The tile is minimalistic and yet impactful to the space.

Our tile is behind the main bar:

Tile Shown: Flagstone in a custom size.

In the bathroom:

Tile Shown: 3x12s in Crater Lake.

In the kitchen:

Tile Shown: 4x4s in Gardenia.

And lastly, a custom glaze was created for their entryway:

TIle Shown: Wave in a custom color; for something similar choose Antique.

388 Fulton
This is one of the most attractive buildings I have seen come up in San Francisco in a long time. The subtle variation in the brick really make it glisten and catch the eye. It is so clean and modern using a more rustic material.

Brick Shown: Inkwell; Image: David Baker Architects.

Light Lab

This bathroom takes bold to the limit and kills it! It is a perfect pairing of materials between the checkered tile, marbled pink wallpaper and brass Rejuvenation globe fixture. LOVE!

Tile Shown: 6" Triangles in Basalt and Calcite.

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