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Meet Our Newest Blog Contributor: Susanne Redfield

Posted by: Kali • Jun 5

Meet Our Newest Blog Contributor: Susanne Redfield

WIth her creative expertise and an extensive background in the handpainted tile industry, we are thrilled to welcome our newest blog contributor, Susanne Redfield!  As the designer behind our brand new Handpainted collections, Susanne has a keen eye for design and color, making her the perfect addition to the Fireclay Design blog.  Susanne will be covering everything from Color Spotlights and design advice to an inside look at Fireclay's manufacturing processes.  We took a minute to chat with Susanne about her background, her inspirations, and our exciting new collaboration, so go ahead and meet our newest contributor!

1.) My style can be described as...

My entire body of work could be considered eclectic, but there is a genuine, clean Scandinavian sensibility or feel in everything I do. I strive for a classic, timeless, look. I want to design tile with staying power. Certainly my designs are influenced by my roots and surroundings (my parents immigrated from Denmark in the 50's). The less is more motto of mid century modernism makes a lot of sense to me, but I am open to so many genres, I just like to put my little spin on whatever design style that inspires me.

2.) My design philosophy is…

To keep it simple, livable, and beautiful. Good design is about the editing, the curating, the mix, and the blend. I firmly believe in integrating beautiful design into your everyday life, loving your modern chair, being mindful of your lighting, eating with Georg Jensen silver, cherishing your coffee cup.

3.) I got my start…

In 1982 with the interior design showroom Kneedler Fauchere.  Plucked from obscurity at age 26 by Harry Lawenda and Dorothy Kneedler Lawenda I joined a family of designers that included Sam Maloof, Jack Lenor Larsen, Angelo Donghia, and Robin Roberts of Clarence House. It was a priceless education for a young tile maker just starting out, they exposed me to the top architectural and design firms of the day, helped form my aesthetic, and most importantly developed my understanding of the need for excellence.  They expected ‘best in show’ from their suppliers and in exchange they received our undying loyalty and respect. My success as an Ann Sacks vendor for 25 years stems directly from the standards developed at Kneedler Fauchere and my respect for each customer and the sales associates who serve them.

4.)  I find inspiration in… 

Creative thought, the unique idea. I love to be surprised, made to think about something from a totally fresh perspective. I wonder at the strength and courage of the free thinkers among us. I am hugely inspired by the rows of porcelain toilets ready to be crushed and re-used, the closed water system, and the acres of recycled glass at the Fireclay Tile factory.

5.) I can’t live without…

Now that’s a tough question! I think I would hate to live without an optimistic outlook, a positive attitude, my family, friends, art museums, all things Danish, and, of course, catching a few waves at Scripps pier every summer.

6.) My best design advice would be...

When it comes to design know who you are, choose strong design elements but remember, functionality is essential, opt out of our throw away culture, choose products, paintings, furniture, you can hand down to your children and grandchildren.

7.) I love Tile because…

I love clay, I love silica, I love water, I live in constant astonishment of what can be made from these super simple ingredients.

8.) My favorite Fireclay color is...

IMPOSSIBLE! Today it is Chartreuse; tomorrow I will obsess over Moonshine or Cyclone. I absolutely consider it my prerogative to change my mind on that one, and often.

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