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This Tile Was Your TV.

Posted by: Kali • Nov 11

This Tile Was Your TV.


Our Kickstarter Video

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Kickstarter project! Our prouct is the first of its kind and we are very proud of what we have created – 100% post consumer CRT Glass Tile. CRT, also known as Cathode Ray Tube glass, was used to make the glass screens in old televisions and computer monitors. CRT has been an e-waste challenge in the recycling community for years. With the rise of LCD and Plasma this e-waste problem is growing at a rapid rate. CRT accounts for over 860 million pounds of e-waste in the US alone and we figured that was a lot of useful glass that we could make into tile.

This used to be your TV or computer; now it's beautiful tile! Color: Phosphor.

In order to make these special tiles, we need unique molds. The funding from this Kickstarter project will be used to purchase high quality molds that will guarantee consistency in the finished product. Each mold costs roughly $20 and an average size project will use around 360 molds, which is why we need every dime of the $10,000 we're trying to raise via Kickstarter.


From monitor to backsplash. Kickstarter backers will be eligible for a Phosphor backsplash for their next installation. 


Phosphor CRT Tile 4x4 coasters. A rewards for some lucky Kickstarter backers... 

Help us make CRT tile a success by backing our project and sharing with friends. C’mon, let’s make something cool together!


BIG THANK YOU to our local e-cyclers, ECS Refining, for all of our CRT glass! 


Check out our infographic that tracks CRT from rise to decline, from waste to tile!

Fireclay Tile infographic of CRT from monitor to tile

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