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Kelly LaPlante Brings Stella McCartney and Coco Channel to Fireclay Tile

Posted by: Kali • Jan 31

Kelly LaPlante Brings Stella McCartney and Coco Channel to Fireclay Tile

This is part one in a series of guest blogs our friend and eco interior designer Kelly LaPlante will be writing for Fireclay as part of a new collection that she will be launching in early 2012.

Hello Fireclay Friends!

Over the past few months I've been designing an exclusive collection for Fireclay Tile—launching to dealers and designers in just a few months. Fireclay and I have had a wonderful relationship, marked with all sorts of exciting projects, custom collaborations and beautiful installations—so it was very fitting that my first licensed collection would be with them.

When this collaboration began, Paul Burns, Eric Edelson and I spent a good deal of time talking about what is missing in the tile market and what Fireclay and I can bring to the table.  From there, I began one of the most fun parts of the job—collecting inspiration!

Inspiration, of course,  is everywhere—in nature, architecture, music, food, politics... life. But to have a cohesive collection I find that it is smart to identify one great source for inspiration and run with that. I chose fashion because the idea of tile that seemed to fall right off the runway really resonated with me. I love that a homeowner could look at their back splash and feel glamorous or step into their shower and feel preppy—and I love having fun with my work— so why not use Stella McCartney and Coco Channel as my muses?

Five patterns have now been created and, as I type, the masterful Paul Burns and his team of ceramicists are turning my paper templates into prototype tiles.

I can't wait to share the final products with the design community over the next couple of months—and, in the meantime, you can view my inspirations on the Pintrest boards that I created for each look (all but one, which is so top secret that we didn't even make a board for it!) Make sure to check back in for updates about the collection, and ultimately the launch of this exciting new collection.

~Kelly LaPlante

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