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Jason's "Crush"

Jason's "Crush"

If you read the previous post, you may believe that you have a good understanding about Jason and his role at Fireclay.  Before transferring to Aromas, Jason worked in the glass factory in San Jose.  A partial list of his daily tasks were:  managing raw materials & pigments, putting the glass tiles through the kiln and he also artistically assembling Crush tiles for customers.

Jason assembles the Crush colors within a 12"x12" template.

For many, purple is not a "go to" color, but check out the mix below.  Jason put this mix together with an outline template, but chose the position of each tile.

Colors incude: Gloss and Matte of: 2x2s & 1x1s of  Heather (light purple), Acai (dark purple), and  Cotton (white).

Not only does Jason have a passion for sustainability, but also an artistic flair!