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Introducing Tile School

Posted by: Kali • Dec 11

Introducing Tile School

Welcome to Tile School!  We're getting class started with three brand new blog categories that are designed to be helpful references for you while designing, ordering, and installing your next tile project.  We've based these new blog categories on all the questions we get from our customers on a daily basis.  There is a ton of content for you to access now, but stay tuned because we will be adding more and more blogs to each category as we receive more questions from all of you!.  The three new Tile School categories are...

Know Before You Buy

Our Know Before You Buy Tile School category will provide you with all the information you need before ordering your handmade tile.  This category will cover topics that relate to our products specifically, such as color variation, size variation, glaze categories, lead times, set-up fees and more.  These topics are the questions we get from our customers everyday when they are placing their tile orders, so we figured we'd make ordering our tile a little easier by providing detailed answers to these questions and put them all in one place.

How To

Our How To Tile Category will cover detailed how tos on everything from design related topics such as how to create a focal wall installation with Handpainted Tile, to more technical how to's such as how to choose the right grout size, or how to choose tile for your floor.  These blogs are educational in nature and are meant to be helpful guides to reference when undergoing any type of tile project.

This vs That

Our This vs That Tile School category is a collection of blogs that compare different products or characteristics of a product.  We'll explain the differences between everything from our different clay bodies, to our different glaze finishes.  These blogs are meant to help you choose which product will work best for your project.

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