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Take a Trip Across the Sea with the Mediterranean Collection

Posted by: Kali • Jun 19

Take a Trip Across the Sea with the Mediterranean Collection

Patterns shown: Valencia, Jerez and Murietta

Inspired by ‘Spanish Modern’ culture and an Old World aesthetic, the Mediterranean Collection is ready to energize your space with vibrant, nature-inspired colorways, lively patterns and fine artisanal craftsmanship.  Perfect for feature wall or floor installations these new designs are ready to bring your style to life.  So go ahead and take a trip across the sea, explore the Mediterranean.

Patterns shown: Valencia, and Zuma

Reminding us of sunny seaside bliss, the Mediterranean Collection is available in 11 distinct patterns and 3 colorways ranging from cool blues and deep greens to warm reds and yellows.  Packing a punch in 8-square-inches these new designs are handmade on a 70% recycled clay body with lead free glazes.

Image: Pinterest

Patterns shown: Barella and Tarragona

Try these effervescent patterns in your bathroom to create a refreshing, Mediterranean-worthy escape.  We suggest pairing bold our Cool Motif patterns with a crisp field tile such as Tusk, Pinegrove, Turquoise or Lapis.

Pattern shown: Valencia

Tile colors shown: Tusk, Pinegrove, Turquoise and Lapis

If you're looking for a soothing escape try these designs in their Neutral Motifs.  Soft whites and grays will provide your space with subtle sophistication.

Patterns shown: San Carlos, Jerez and Grandola

Image: Pinterest

For a truly Mediterranean look try these new designs on your stair risers.  Use one single pattern or mix and match to your heart's content.

Patterns shown: Malta and Liva C

Sun-drench your space with our Warm Motifs.  Reminiscent of a colorful Mediterranean coastline, these rich reds, sunny yellows and soft greens will add warmth to your kitchen floor or backsplash.

Image: Travel and Leisure

Patterns shown: Murietta and Ensenito

Ready to energize your space with pattern?  Shop the Mediterranean Collection now.  Need some help?  Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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