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Introducing Satin Essentials

By Ted Ryan

Introducing Satin Essentials

Following the overwhelming success of our inaugural range of Essentials, we’ve taken all 8 of the original gloss colors and reintroduced them in an elegant satin sheen.

What are Essentials?

First, a quick recap of Essentials for the uninitiated. Introduced in the summer of 2022, Essentials are a line of ceramic tiles made on a recycled clay body using a natural press technique that reduces gas usage and cost compared to a conventional ceramic tile.

Dry press ceramic tile
Dry press ceramic tile

Because of this technique, we’re able to offer these Made-in-America tiles–manufactured with standards that earned us a B Corp Certification score within the top 10% of B Corps worldwide–for a starting price of just $10/SF.

Essentials are available exclusively in our Quick Ship Shop but orders over 500 square feet will require Made-to-Order lead times and custom color development is available for projects over 1,500 square feet.

Originally launched in a gloss finish, our introductory range is inspired by the iconic color palette of the Pacific Northwest, home to our Spokane, Washington factory where these tiles are produced. Now each of those colors is available in a smooth satin finish and 1 brand-new size.

A New Sheen

A satin finish offers a flat, sophisticated sheen that features a touch more luster and reflectiveness when compared to our matte glazes. Satin has a soft, almost leather-like appearance.

gloss and satin green tile
Manzanita in Gloss (L) and Satin (R)

Satin tiles are perfect for modern and contemporary designs that celebrate minimalist restraint. They will also offer more grip underfoot when compared to a gloss tile (more on that in a minute).

A New Shape

Satin Essentials will be available in two sizes of tile, our modern and best-selling 3x9 field tile and a brand new addition to the Essentials line, an 8” Hexagon, one of our most popular shapes for flooring applications.

hexagon tiles
Our Satin Essentials 8" Hexagon

3x9s are priced at $12/SF and 8” Hexagons are priced at $16/SF making both shapes attractive options for large-scale commercial specifications as well as budget-conscious residential projects.

A New Opportunity

Now about floors. Our original Gloss Essentials line was recommended only for vertical surfaces like walls, backsplashes, showers, fireplaces, and pool waterlines. With their satin finish and a more durable design thanks to a re-engineered firing curve in our kilns, Satin Essentials is a perfect choice for residential flooring projects.

cottage mudroom
Tile: Pearl Satin 3x9, Hood River Satin 8" Hexagon

Our Gloss Essentials will be manufactured with the updated firing curve as well, but while designers do use gloss tiles on floors, we still recommend keeping those on vertical surfaces due to the sheen.

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