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Introducing our Black and White Handpainted Collection

By Kali

Introducing our Black and White Handpainted Collection

There is just something so good about black and white tile...especially if it's handpainted. We chose some of our favorite patterns from our Handpainted Collections to create our new Black and White Handpainted Collection! Using the colors White Wash, French Linen and Basalt, 12 of our patterns got a bold new look. From Classic Cuerda Seca to Sakura, we chose a mix of patterns that are sure to compliment your space (and each other if you wanted to do a mix).

Scroll down to see all 12 of our Black and White patterns. Want more design Inspiration? Head to our Pinterest Board dedicated to our newest collection.

One of our classic Cuerda Seca patterns, Sanxenxo gets a modern look in our black and white motif. One of 6x6 sizes, this pattern would work beautifully as a backsplash, accent wall or powder room floor.

Tile Shown: Sanxenxo in Black and White Motif

Don't be afraid to mix materials with handpainted tiles. The rustic kitchen below pairs handpainted and white brick perfectly:

Another classic, this graphic Moorish Star pattern would shine in any space. Keep in mind: these 8x8 tiles take four tiles to create its pattern.

Tile Shown: Padma in Black and White Motif

Padma would certainly make for an amazing tiled bar...

Kasbah Trellis:
One of our most beloved handpainted patterns, Kasbah Trellis has just the right amount of pop in this trio of neutrals.

Tile Shown: Kasbah Trellis in Black and White Motif

Honestly, we think Kasbah Trellis looks good just about anywhere, but we'd love to see someone use in the Black and White Motif in a kitchen setting like the one below.

Tile Shown: Kasbah Trellis in White Motif

Elephant Star:
One of our Moroccan patterns, this intricate pattern has serious wow factor in the Black and White Motif.

Tile Shown: Elephant Star in Black and White Motif

Old Cairo:
Inspired by the Persian Safavid rugs, we really like this more muted take on this bold 8x8 tile. Our soft gray, French Linen, really takes more of starring roll in this pattern.

Tile Shown: Old Cairo in Old Cairo

We love the look of a black and white bathroom, for a look like the one below, Old Cairo would be perfect.

This 6x6 tile is from our Cuerda Seca Collection and has a truly classic tile feel. It would pair beautifully with white, gray or wood finishes.

Tile Shown: Lugo in Black and White Motif

Tortoise Shell:
Perfectly in line with the geometric tile trend, Tortoise Shell really hits the mark. This graphic pattern would do wonders for a fireplace surround, stair risers or a eye catching backsplash.

Tile Shown: Tortoise Shell in Black and White Motif

How good would Tortoise Shell in the Black and White Motif look a fireplace application like the one below?

From our Mediterranean Collection, this 8x8 tile adds the perfect amount of pattern to a floor or kitchen backsplash.

Tile Shown: Murietta in Black and White Motif

Tile Shown: Murietta tiles cover this bathroom's floor.

Classically Mediterranean, Malta has a floral feel that is emboldened by the black and white motif.

Tile Shown: Malta in Black and White Motif

Persian Star:
A handpainted favorite, we love how this Persian Star pattern looks in a less traditional black, white and gray color story. Like Padma, Persian Star takes four 8x8 tiles to create its full pattern.

TIle Shown: Persian Star in Black and White Motif

River Rock:
With its geometric feel, River Rock, one of our 6x12 sized tiles from our Sakura Collection, has triangular appeal.

Tile Shown: River Rock in Black and White Motif

Go for a impactful floor like the one below with River Rock. Keep the walls simple in 3x6 or 3x6 White Wash Tiles.

Uni Mountain:
This simple pattern from our Sakura Collection, evokes the feeling of seeing moutains in the distance. We think the 6x12 sized Uni Mountain in Black and White Motif would be idea for stair risers or for wainscot walls in a bathroom setting.

Tile Shown: Uni Mountain in Black and White Motif

Loving this black and white look? Order color samples online now. Need some help? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.