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Introducing Non Slip Floor Tiles

By Kali

Introducing Non Slip Floor Tiles

Fireclay Tile's debut line of Non-Slip Tile pairs industry-approved performance with artisanal quality. Available in all 36 of our matte finish colors plus 2 satin colors—Sunflower and Sorbet—and 40+ sizes, our Non-Slip glazes pass the DCOF test and are suitable for commercial flooring. In the Trade? Contact your Commercial Rep or join our Trade Program for your industry-exclusive color samples.

Our 16 Non-Slip Floor tile colors, available in 40+ sizes. See them all by visiting our website!

These true matte glazes were made to withstand the hustle and bustle of daily life. As always, you can expect the same beauty and handcrafted integrity that defines every Fireclay Tile product.

Our 16 Non-Slip Floor Tile colors, now available in 40+ sizes.

Our Non-Slip Ceramic Tile is suitable for commercial and residential non-slip floor tile, non-slip bathroom floor tile, walls, steam showers, pools, and exteriors (contact us about installation in freezing environments).


Check out design inspiration below to see what you can do with slip-resistant matte floor tile.

Ranging from subtle to saturated, desert colors to dark charcoals, our 36 non-slip glazes stand out on their own, or blend in.

Non-Slip Floor tile! Available in 16 colors and 40+ Shapes.

Tile Shown: Daisy, Sorbet, Gypsum, Morning Thaw, Sea Glass, Peacock and Sunflower

Our Non-Slip glazes are applied to our recycled clay body, which boasts an impressive breaking strength of 393 pounds per foot, making it stronger than your average porcelain and ideal for flooring.

The Assembly's entryway floor features our specialty shape, Paseo.

Tile Shown: Paseo in Feldspar and Sunflower // Design: Sara and Rich Combs // Image: Margaret Austin Photography

Available in 40+ sizes, these true matte glazes were specifically made to pass the DCOF test for commercial flooring and their beautiful finish makes them easy to specify.

Our Mini Star and Cross in one of our non-slip floor tile colors, Marina.

Tile Shown:Mini Star and Cross in Peacock

While our non-slip glazes are ideal for the high traffic of commercial floors, they can absolutely be used underfoot residentially as well, especially if you're in need of some extra grip.

Parquet Pattern Play with these 3x9 tiles in two contrasting colors. For a non-slip floor, choose Capitol and Fountain.

Tile Shown: 3x9 tiles in Daisy and Sea Glass // Design: Claire Thomas // Image: Stephanie Todaro Photography

With these 38 colors, the possibilities are endless.

16 colors, 40+ sizes, endless possibilities. Check out our Non-Slip Floor Tile Collection today!

Tile Shown: 4" Hexagons in Daisy and Sunflower

The Neutrals
Available in all the right shades, our 23 neutral non-slip matte glazes work well together but also play well with our colorful hues too.

Our 8 neutrals from our Non-Slip Floor Tile Collection.

Tile Shown: 4" Hexagons in Basalt, Magnetite, Pyrite, Iron Ore, Sandstone, Dolomite, Gypsum and Daisy

Made for commercial and heavy residential flooring and qualifying for LEED eligibility, these glazes are 100% lead-free and applied to our Recycled Clay Body.

6x12 floor tiles set in a herringbone pattern.

Tile Shown: 6x12 in Gypsum // Design + Image: Anne Sage

Pro tip: Going for a white tiled floor? We recommend using either a white to light gray grout and make sure to use grout release during installation to protect your tile from staining.


Tile Shown: 6" Hexagon in Daisy // Design: Caitlin Flemming // Image: Jacqueline Pilar

Darker neutrals, like Iron Ore, make for floors that are both visually compelling and won't show the dirt that comes with heavy traffic:

Hexite tiles in our non-slip floor tile color, Cobblestone

Tile Shown: Hexite in Iron Ore

Make your tile floor even more dynamic by choosing a mix of neutrals and colors.


Tile Shown: Hexite in Flagstone, Tidewater, Iron Ore and Magnetite

Need floor tile? Order color samples online now. In the Trade? Contact your Commercial Rep or join our Trade Program for your industry-exclusive color samples.

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