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Installation Stories: A Colorful Craftsman-Style Backsplash

Installation Stories: A Colorful Craftsman-Style Backsplash

Tile colors shown: Kelp, Kiwi, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Coral, Tuolumne Meadows

With a charming Craftsman-style bungalow in desperate need of an update, Victoria and her husband used the opportunity to create a unique tile backsplash that would complement the handcrafted nature of their home.  With a traditional subway-style backsplash in mind, the couple had the idea to put a spin on the classic design by creating a cheerful multi-color blend of 3x6 tiles.  We took a minute to chat with Victoria about their design, and her Fireclay experience.

Hi Victoria!  First of all how did you hear about Fireclay Tile?

Victoria – We renovated our entire kitchen, and one of our priorities was to find products and materials that were sustainably made, and during an internet search, we came across Fireclay's website. Because we wanted to use subway tiles for the backsplash, we knew we had found the right place. We enjoyed looking at the wide range of colors you offer, and we really appreciated all the free samples! With so many great colors to choose from, it took us a little while to come up with our final color combination, but we finally decided on a blend of KelpKiwiSky BlueRoyal Blue, Coral, and Tuolumne Meadows.

The original kitchen backsplash before the remodel had plastic tile lining the walls

What did your kitchen look like before the remodel?

Victoria – When we purchased our 100-year old Craftsman-style bungalow it had a lot of great features, but the kitchen was not one of them.  It had been "modernized" in the 1950's, but the small space was not very functional by today's standards. We had the entire space gutted and started over from scratch.

What type of look were you going for?

Victoria – We wanted the kitchen to emulate the original Craftsman-style of the rest of the home, which is why the idea of using handmade tiles in the design appealed to us.

The backsplash was used in 3 places, behind their stove, in the opposite corner, and their behind the coffee maker

How did you come up with your color scheme and design?

Victoria – Instead of using white or monochromatic colors for the tiles, we wanted to add some energy to the space, so we used a blend of six different colors.  During the long, cold winters here in Chicago, the kitchen will help remind us of warmer times. Because there is so much color and finish variation, we had the tiles installed in a random pattern.

Did you work with a designer on your project?

Victoria – We are grateful for the design assistance from the Fireclay team! They were really helpful by calculating the amount of tile we needed after we finally figured out which colors to order!

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