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Installation Stories: Patterns Play in This Contemporary Bathroom Remodel

Installation Stories: Patterns Play in This Contemporary Bathroom Remodel

You are all probably familiar with our customer Trey's bathroom from these eye-catching photos we are constantly featuring on our website–if you're not be sure to check them out!  Believe it or not, this stunner of a project was only his guest bathroom! After having such a fun experience with Fireclay the first time around, Trey went for round two, using our tile once again in his master bathroom remodel.  The recently completed project features a contemporary cool color palette of Crater Lake and Dark Chocolate, in a variety of pattern and sizes–Parquet in the shower, Straight Set on the walls and floors, and an Offset border encompassing a beautiful Handpainted design.  We got to have a quick chat with Trey about his second Fireclay experience and the inspiration behind the design.

Hi Trey!  First of all how did you hear about Fireclay Tile?

Trey – I heard about Fireclay through my co-worker who is married to your founder, Paul Burns.  Your showroom designer, Wendy helped us through the project.  I enjoyed surrendering our idea to her and trusting her creative influence and direction.

The shower features Crater Lake in a 2x4 Parquet pattern, as well as a variety of field tile in a variety of sizes ranging rom 2x2 to 6x12

What did your bathroom look like before the remodel? What did you change?

Trey – We remodeled our one bedroom, one bathroom hillside house built in 1938 to a two bedroom, 2 bathroom.  We transformed this bathroom into the master, and the other a guest bathroom, which we finished last year.  We used Fireclay for both projects. and used Fireclay for both.

A custom Cuerda Seca Design lines the floor, bordered by field Tile in Crater Lake and Dark Chocolate

What style or look were you trying to achieve?

Trey – We were going for a Contemporary Spanish Mediterranean style.

What inspired the color scheme and design?

Trey – Since I had informed her we would be remodeling another bathroom in our house, your design consultant Emily sent me some tile samples after Fireclay sent over camera crew to take photographs of the first bathroom we created.  One of the tiles she sent became the inspiration, and after Wendy was the one who helped come up with the overall color scheme and design.

Did you work with a tile installer or contractor?  Did you face any installation challenges?

Trey – We worked with a contractor who also is an installer.  He did have some challenges, but he met with Wendy in person and was able to resolve any issues he had.

Did you work with a designer?

Trey – The only designer we worked with was Wendy from Fireclay.

Thanks for chatting with us, Trey!

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