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Installation Stories: Our San Jose Showroom Remodel

Installation Stories: Our San Jose Showroom Remodel

Our roots will always be in San Jose, California.  In 1986 our founder, Paul Burns opened Fireclay Tile with our first showroom location at 495 West Julian St, and we are proud to still have this showroom open today.  With the opening of our brand new showroom and headquarters in San Francisco, California we decided it was time to give our San Jose location a little love with a showroom remodel.

Each of our San Jose Showroom employs played a huge role in the design of the new space.  One of our key designers was our Showroom Designer, Yolanda Jaimes.  Yolanda helped with everything from designing the space to making sure all the installations and construction went smoothly.  We took a minute to chat with Yolanda about the remodel experience, and what it was like designing a tile showroom!

Hi Yolanda!  First of all how long have you worked for Fireclay and at our San Jose Showroom?

Yolanda – I've been with Fireclay and the San Jose Showroom for about two and a half years now and I love it here! I love how I can get creative with tile and help clients design their spaces to meet their needs.

Can you tell us about the space before?  What did it look like?  What changed in the remodel?

Yolanda – The showroom used to have a big front desk, it was about 4 feet tall.  It was so big I wasn't seen by clients when sitting down! We gutted it out and that became our new color sample wall display. The old color sample displays used to be in the hallway leading to the back, it was a tight space, now client's have a workable area and can see all the colors from a distance. 

There was also a big kitchenette displayed in the showroom, most of what was on it had been discontinued so we decided it was best to take it down and open up the space, that was probably the best thing we did because now we have so much more natural lighting and that is an important factor when helping client's select their color options. The showroom looks so much bigger now!

Our San Jose Showroom before the remodel.

And during the construction phase...

New tile floors were installed throughout the space.

Can you tell us about the process of coming up with the design for the remodel?

Yolanda – The San Jose team worked really hard on this and we all had good ideas that came together.  We  put a lot of thought into the layout and had to reconfigure some spaces. Choosing what tile we wanted to display was not easy because we have so many beautiful tiles to show, but in the end we picked out a few of our favorite unique designs and patterns. Some of the material we already had so we were able to add it to our design without having to waste any material. We feature so many different styles–from Spanish, Mediterranean, Victorian, Craftsman, Contemporary and Modern to name a few–There are choices for everyone here. We want people to love our showroom just as much as we do and show that the possibilities are endless!

Brand new design boards line the walls to show off different color, pattern and layout options.

Did any outside Contractors work on the remodel? 

Yolanda – All the tile work was done in house. Ricardo at Quintero's Cabinets whom we worked with before built our new shelves for our color samples.  Forest Dickey of Varian Designs built our new desk that also serves as a working table for out client's. We are so happy with the outcome!

Our brand new pattern wall.

More boards line the hallway walls.

Yolanda – We are excited with the new showroom remodel and love the positive feedback we have received from old customers and new customers walking in. We invite you to stop by and check out our great displays!

Do you live in the San Jose area and are searching for tile?  Be sure to stop by our showroom and say hello!


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