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Installation Stories: Color Variation Shines in a Coastal Chic Kitchen

Installation Stories: Color Variation Shines in a Coastal Chic Kitchen

Tile color shown: Cerulean

Here at Fireclay we LOVE to see gorgeous examples of color variation in completed installations, so when we first saw our customer, Ritu's kitchen backsplash we were in complete awe.  Providing richness and depth, our V3 rated glaze Cerulean was used in her beach home to mimic the cool coastal tones of the ocean. We took a minute to chat with Ritu about her design and inspiration, and her Fireclay experience.

Hi Ritu!  First of all how did you hear about Fireclay Tile?

Ritu – I was looking for handmade tiles that had good reviews and variety of color choices. I went about searching the internet and Fireclay came highly recommended. Your Design Consultant, Yvette Perez helped me out, she was a dream to work with. She helped all the way from answering my questions abut color choice and variation, to getting samples and help placing my order.

What did your kitchen look like before the remodel? What did you change?

Ritu – We lost our beach house after Hurricane Sandy so we had to rebuilt from scratch (there was 4 feet of water in the house). We wanted the home and the kitchen in particular to be more than a place to cook a meal. We wanted it to be where us, our friends and family 'hang-out'. We created a large kitchen island and a breakfast nook for additional seating (this was absent in our older house). We also removed the walls between the kitchen and living space giving the kitchen a more open and welcoming look. Our older house resembled more of a cabin than a beach house.

Tile color shown: Cerulean

What inspired the color scheme and design?

Ritu – We wanted to keep it clean and fresh. We chose a white, blue, gray color scheme that extends to the entire house. The colors in the house are all pastel light shades as we wanted to keep the walls light and airy without imposing too much color. We however wanted our kitchen area to stand out and that's the reason we chose the blue tile for the backsplash which gives it a pop of color. Design wise, again, we wanted to keep it simple and hence we chose a simple 3x6 subway Tile pattern for the backsplash and a Herringbone pattern above the stove with gray grout to complement the color scheme.

Did you work with a tile installer?  How did the installation process go?

Ritu – We worked with a tile installer which was recommended to us by our contractor. He was great to work with and we had no issues with the installation whatsoever.

Did you work with a designer?

Ritu – We didn't work with a designer except for your Design Consultant, Yvette. The idea for this house and the kitchen space was my husband's idea with some input from myself.

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