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Installation Stories: Jana Bek's California Cool Kitchen

By Kali

Installation Stories: Jana Bek's California Cool Kitchen

All Images: Marta Xochilt Perez 

The kitchen of interior designer Jana Bek reaches new heights with a counter-to-ceiling tile backsplash in Kiwi, its fresh hue infusing plenty of California-cool flair. Motivated to change the dark and dated details of the space, Jana says that, the tile was really the foundation for the transformation, taking the backsplash to the ceiling, and adding floating shelves, really opened up & brightened the space." 

Keep reading to see more of this refreshing kitchen (there are before pictures too)! 

But first, here's a bit about Jana Bek: 

My style can be described as...Vibrant with coastal influences.
My design philosophy is…Your spaces should transport you to your dream destination.
I got my start...In product development for woman’s fashion.
I find inspiration in...Coastal climates.
I can’t live without…Plenty of sunshine, travel, and a great sense of humor.
My best design advice would be…Create spaces that bring you joy, choose quality pieces, and practice patience when bringing a space together.
I love Tile because…It’s beautiful and serves a function, it’s a duality of few design elements.

Now onto the kitchen: 

What motivated you to remodel your kitchen?
It was so dark and dated, and completely not in line with the bright and easy aesthetic of our home. We love to cook and the space did not reflect that, it was not inviting to say the least!

Can you tell me about your kitchen? What did it look like before?  What did you change?
Everything about the kitchen was so visually heavy – the wood cabinets, dark counters & backsplash. The tile was really the foundation for the transformation, taking the backsplash to the ceiling, and adding floating shelves, really opened up & brightened the space. To refresh it further, we painted the lower cabinets white and had our 90s glossy granite counters honed to a matte finish. New stools and lighting were the final touches to the transformation.

As a designer, how was it different making decisions for your own space?
Since I knew the space, and how are family would use, inside and out, we were able to make decisions so quickly. For example, I knew that between the lower cabinet and pantry, there was enough additional storage that floating shelves wouldn’t present a problem. I also knew instinctively how the tile color and finishes would compliment the other rooms in our open floorplan.  

What type of look or aesthetic were you going for?
A California cool aesthetic, bright and easy, elegant yet inviting.

How did you come up with your color scheme and design?
Our main level is a completely open floor plan so the kitchen needed to flow with the adjoining spaces. Shades of fresh green and aqua are prevalent throughout our home so the Kiwi backsplash color was a natural fit. To reinforce the coastal aesthetic I always strive to achieve, we went with natural wood for the floating shelves, the bright white cabinets, and bamboo stools. Artwork and vintage wood finds layer in additional color and character. 

Why did you choose Kiwi?
I wanted something bright that also complimented our warm wood floors and the subtle greens in the granite counters. It was a tough choice between so many beautiful Fireclay options but the Kiwi met each requirement beautifully.

How did the installation process go? Did you face any challenges? 
The installation process was relatively easy! The only challenge we faced is that some of our walls are uneven (which is not uncommon in most houses) so there was some adjustments every so often in the tile spacing to fudge balance. It was fun to see the subtle variations fad after grouting and virtually disappear in the overall view. 

By the way, how did you hear about Fireclay Tile? 
On Instagram! Many of my favorite West Coast designers use Fireclay Tile in their designs.

Lastly, which other colors/shapes of ours are you hoping to use in future projects?
Eek there are so many! I would love to use your Blue Nebula or Harbor brick for a future client’s kitchen design. Ogee Drop is so perfect in powder rooms & many colors are on my bucket list--
Hawaiian Blue, Azurine, and Emerald, yes please!

Brick Shown: Blue Nebula 


Brick Shown: Harbor 

Tile Shown: Emerald 

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