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Installation Stories: Simplicity Rules in This Modern Bathroom Remodel

Installation Stories: Simplicity Rules in This Modern Bathroom Remodel

Completed shower installation featuring Daisy in our 3x6 size

Simplicity rules in this customer's freshly modern bathroom remodel.  With an outdated 1940's design in desperate need of repair, Elisa welcomed the challenge of transforming her bath into a bright and clean space with modern appeal.  Featuring a neutral color scheme and timeless design elements, this new and improved bathroom is meant to last for decades to come.

How did you hear about Fireclay Tile?

Elisa – I was introduced to Fireclay Tile by our architect, Casey Cramer who had worked with your company in the past through his architectural firm.  I worked with Yolanda from your San Jose showroom, she was fantastic!

What did your bathroom look like before the remodel? What did you change?

Elisa – We have a 1940's house and the existing bathroom was the original design and layout.  The shower was leaking below to the garage, the bathtub handles had come off and there was no way to replace them without tearing out the existing tile.  The toilet was the original and the sink was slowly breaking down.  The tiles on the walls and floors were cracking.  The original color scheme was Pepto-Bismol pink and turquoise.  Needless to say, it was time for a change.

The original bathroom design

What style or look were you trying to achieve?

Elisa – After looking at a number of possible configurations, we decided to stay with the original layout as it afforded us both a shower and separate bath area.  We originally planned a floor mounted toilet, but half way through the installation realized that a floor mounted version would not provide us enough room to pass inspection.  We pulled out the new toilet and replaced it with a wall mounted version by Duravit that completely opened up the room.  Although it was much more work and money it was well worth it.

What inspired the color scheme and design?

Elisa – My color palette is gray and Daisy 3x6 Tile because it provides a clean and timeless appeal.  I offset all the white tile that wraps around the walls with a 12x12 gray/taupe Lagos Azul Limestone floor.  The limestone grounds the room, and the white tile brightens the small space.  This bathroom will feel timeless 20 years from now because of its simplicity.  We didn't skimp on anything, but I purposely left out any features that would 'date' the bathroom down the road.

Did you work with a tile installer or contractor?  Did you face any installation challenges?

Elisa – Because there was going to be so much tile involved, I was careful on the selection of my tile contractor.  I wanted someone who was clearly skilled with complicated installations, but also an artist.  After a number of interviews I selected Ivan Zamalin, owner of Amazing Tile Works, out of Burlingame, and could not be happier with his work.  He is a true artist.  If there's any advice I can offer when utilizing tile, it's to spend the money to get a licensed tile contractor, it does make a difference.

The bath tub is Tea for Two by Kohler and the plumbing fixtures are all Hansgrohe Axor

Did you work with a designer?  What was this experience like?

Elisa – I worked closely with our architect, Casey Cramer to design the bathroom.  I would say that the toughest part about redesigning this bathroom was utilizing fixtures and products to fit a bathroom built back in the early 40's.  Everything is bigger–toilets, bathtubs, fixtures, you name it.  So it came down to utilizing the space the best that we could and still making the space appear larger.  We opened up the room with frameless glass for the shower area, wall mounted fixtures, and a simple color palette that doesn't overwhelm.  I couldn't be happier with the result.

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