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Installation Stories: A Refreshing Cerulean Bathroom Remodel

Installation Stories: A Refreshing Cerulean Bathroom Remodel

Tile shown: 3x6 in Cerulean

With the right attitude a disaster of a situation can turn into a thing of beauty, which is exactly what happened to our customer, Dana.  After a pesky leak led to major flooding and water damage in her children's bathroom, Dana saw the misfortune as an opportunity for improvement–lucky for us her idea of improvement included Fireclay Tile!  We took a minute to chat with Dana about her bathroom remodel and her Fireclay story.

Hi Dana!  First of all how did you hear about Fireclay Tile?

Dana – I had already received some other less than perfect tile samples, when I came across Fireclay online.  I called and spoke with your design consultant Emily–she was lovely and really listened to what I was interested in.  After going through some blue tile colors with me, Emily sent over a whole bunch of wonderful samples so I could see if they would work in my space. We really enjoyed the experience overall and your customer service is great!

What did your bathroom look like before the remodel? What did you change?

Dana – The bathroom we remodeled is my kids bathroom as well as the guest bathroom.  It hadn't been changed in 12 years and it was all the builder's picks–meaning it was outdated and not very functional for my children at this stage.  On Christmas Eve my husband was home because he had to work on Christmas day while the rest of the family was in Florida.  After hearing some dripping noises he went to investigate and found that we had quite a flood from the attic to the guest bedroom, into the kids bath and onto the first floor of the house, leaving the beginnings of a large stain on the kitchen ceiling!

We had quite a bit of damage but it could have been a lot worse if my husband hadn't come home!   The vanity and wall in the kids bathroom needed to be replaced so I used the opportunity to update and make the bathroom beautiful and functional.  We ended up changing the vanity, the countertop, the sinks, the outdated lighting, the hardware and the show stopping tile wall where we installed medicine cabinets.  The only things we kept were the bathtub, toilet and the flooring.

What inspired the color scheme and design?

Dana – When I was shopping for a backsplash I already had a general idea of what I wanted for the space.  I wanted blue and I wanted the backsplash to be the focal point of the bathroom.  I ended up choosing Cerulean in your 3x6 size.  I love the way tile looks and I love the variation in the blue with the slight crackling of the tile.

Did you work with a tile installer, designer or contractor?  Did you face any installation challenges?

Dana – I worked with a kitchen and bath designer who also helped design our kitchen several years ago.  She helped design the space and also does some installation.  I installed some of the tile with her, which I had never done before– it was a fun experience!  We did encounter one problem, we were 2 tiles short.  I called Emily and unfortunately you did not have any more of our specific batch of tile left, but they were able to make another batch and sent it out quickly.  Because the two tiles were on different sides of the wall the color was perfect.

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