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Installation Stories: An Ocean-Inspired Ogee Drop Bathroom

Installation Stories:  An Ocean-Inspired Ogee Drop Bathroom


With a brand new, recently built home, and a blank slate, our customer Melanie was able to create her dream bathroom.  Melanie took the opportunity to have a little fun, turning the project into an ocean-inspired art piece using a variety of textures and materials, including a stained glass door and our Ogee Drop Tile in Lagoon.  We took a minute to chat with Melanie about her project and her Fireclay experience.


Tile color shown: Lagoon

Hi Melanie!  First of all how did you hear about Fireclay Tile?

Melanie – I was searching on the internet for cobalt blue tiles and Fireclay Tile popped up.  Lauren helped me with my order and I think imagining what the finished product would look like was the best part of the experience.


What did the bathroom look like before?

Melanie – I had the house built from the ground up so it was a blank slate when I found Fireclay Tile.


What type of look were you going for?  How did you decide on our Ogee Drop shape?

Melanie – Originally I wanted travertine. It's beautiful and feels really nice to the touch but I couldn't settle on anything that I found. I like colors and textures to go together but not match. I really didn't have a complete or finished picture in my mind. I literally fell in love with each thing and picked it as I went along. They all flowed together.

How did you come up with your color scheme and design?

Melanie – First I fell in love with the color on your website. Second I had Lauren send me a sample of it to be sure. Then the color and ogee drop shape seemed to be destined to be together. I loved the ogee drop because it reminded me of water or raindrops or the ocean.


How did the installation process go? Did you face any challenges? Did you work with a tile installer?

Melanie – I worked with a contractor who had never done a house with so many different colors, shapes and textures before. Sometimes it was challenging to describe my vision to him but I think he thoroughly enjoyed it because it was so unique.

Did you work with a designer?

Melanie – I was the designer. If anyone asked me how I liked building the house I would say, "this was the biggest art project of my life and I thoroughly enjoyed it!"


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