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Installation Stories: A California Cottage Kitchen Gets a 14 Day Makeover

By Shannon Malone

Installation Stories: A California Cottage Kitchen Gets a 14 Day Makeover

green contemporary kitchen cottage tile backsplash black trim

Most would cringe at the idea of a 14 day kitchen remodel, but not Hugh.  Instead, our ambitious customer took on the challenge with steadfast enthusiasm.  With just 2 short weeks before his next tenants planned to move in to the 1920's cottage-style beach rental, Hugh had a very short time frame to make some major improvements and get the space rental ready!  after a rush tile order and a ton of work, Hugh was able to completely transform the outdated kitchen into a fresh, contemporary space featuring cottage interior decor and refreshing dashes of green.  We thought the project was so impressive that we had to chat with Hugh about his remodel experience!

Hi Hugh!  First of all, how did you hear about Fireclay Tile?

Hugh – I came across your tile when I was doing research and wanted a high-end look and feel for this particular home, which is a rental near the beach in Newport Beach.

green kelp tile varaition

Tile color shown: Kelp

Can you tell me about the home you remodeled?  What did the kitchen look like before the renovation

Hugh – The home is a 2,000 square-foot California cottage built in 1928.  It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  The kitchen was in desperate need of a makeover as the original tile was poorly installed and included little purple fish throughout the backsplash.   Because we had tenants moving in just a few short weeks we needed to complete the entire kitchen makeover in 14 days, and with Fireclay's help and a rush order on the tile, we accomplished it!

contemporary green kitchen tile backsplash installation

What changes did you make to the kitchen?

Hugh – The kitchen remodel included your beautiful subway tile in Kelp and a variety of black finishes, including new honed black granite countertops that perfectly accentuated your tile. We simply repainted the existing kitchen cabinets and added new cabinet doors, all of which were painted gloss white.  One of the special touches added was the 1930's green pendant lights over the island–The lights came out of a gas station!

before kitchen redesign

kitchen remodel demolition

How did the installation process go?  Did you face any challenges?

Hugh – The installation went well but I only had two weeks to complete the remodel because of the tenant move in date, which was a challenge, however Fireclay was able to do a rush order on the tile to help me accomplish my goals, your tile even came early!

green kitchen tile installation process

Did you work with a designer on the remodel?

I handled the design of the kitchen myself and Bernie Hesch Tile and Stone in Costa Mesa handled the installation.

green kelp kitchen tile backsplash above stove

finished contemporary cottage green kitchen tile backsplash remodel

Thanks for chatting with us, Hugh!

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