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Inspirational Pottery! - Old Town Artisan Studio in La Quinta, CA

Every once in awhile we get emails from folks looking for help in all kinds of things. Recycling, manufacturing, possible partnerships, etc. This week I received an email from an amazing woman named Victory Ground about her and her non-profit pottery studio, Old Town Artisan Studio.

Old Town Artisan Studio

Her email referenced some marketing initaitives that Fireclay Tile employs through, and she mentioned that she was struggling to launch and get an email marketing initiative off the ground. This is a common problem in our industry - amazing artisans are doing amazing work, yet finding it challenging to employ modern technology to enhance their business.

After spending some time looking into Victory's company, I felt compelled to share it with our friends:

The video says it all, and if you are ever in La Quinta, definitely stop in to say hi to the folks at Old Town Artisan Studio. Victory and team at the studio, keep up the great work!