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Indian Summer: Inspiration Beyond Summers Prime

Posted by: Kali • Sep 23

Indian Summer: Inspiration Beyond Summers Prime

It's that time of year when the sun starts sinking over the horizon before we're ready to let her go. Days are still warm, but nights have a hint of chill in the air. The boastful cheers of fans fill the open air of local pubs and we begin to long for the sound of crunching leaves and the crackle of a fire. But we still hold on to those last few long days and opportunities to basque in the sun or take one last float down the river. We find ourselves indulgently surrounded by an Indian Summer's fading shades of green and warm hues of yellow. 

Debris Series Recycled Tile: Daffodil 4x4 with Moorish Knot Cuerda Seca accents.

We look forward to the beckoning call of crisp fall air and find inspiration in the colors that slip away with summer. We love how warm greens and yellows make even the darkest days bright. Incorporate yellow as a bold accent during the cooler months, or commit year round warmth with a sunny feature installation. When paired with soothing blues or greys, yellow creates a unique point of interest in an otherwise expected color scheme.  

So long summer. You will be missed. Until the springtime when we anxiously await your first long days. 

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