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Now That's a Bright Idea: Saturate Your Space With Color

Now That's a Bright Idea: Saturate Your Space With Color

Kitchen installation featuring our 2x4 Tile in Daffodil; Design: Rick & Cindy Black Architects; Image: Whit Preston

Those neutral chic interiors gracing the pages of your favorite design magazines are great, but sometimes you just need a little color! Whether you can't pass up a cheerful sunny yellow or a vibrant fiery red, designing with brights is a quick and easy way to energize your space while showing off your colorful personality.

The best way to get started with brights is to try out a hue before making a commitment. Try a colorful textile or another decorative accent to get a feel for the color in your space and how you react to it over time. Once you decide on your winning hue follow these tips for successfully designing with color.

Combine Brights

If you're undecided on one specific color try creating a look that pairs a few brights together. This way you'll be less likely to tire of a single color over time, and the use of multiple hues will add much more dimension than you could achieve with a single hue.

Kitchen backsplash installation featuring Ogee Drop in Tomato Red, Sorbet and a custom Tangerine

Our Tile Colors Claypot, Tangerine and Tomato Red

Pardon the Interruption

Breaking up your bright with a band of accent tile is a great way to give your eye a break from your dominantly bright hue. A Handpainted accent offers a contrasting break in color as well as pattern giving your design added visual interest.

Bathroom installation featuring our 4x4 Tile in Tuolumne Meadows

Go for it!

With our typical "less is more" mindset, we normally suggest using bright hues sparingly to create the biggest impact, but this bathroom has us head over heels for loud all over color! Slight variation in color combined with an interesting pattern make this colorful shower wall unique and eye-catching, while the ample light and white interior keeps the bight-hued tile from overwhelming the space.

The benefits of white

With a little planning a white interior becomes a blank canvas for color, opening up endless possibilities for applying your personal touch. This kitchen takes advantage of their white interior by pairing it with a vibrant yellow tile backsplash. The use of white directs your eye to the yellow tile making it the immediate focal point of the space. And who wouldn't want yellow to be a focal point? It is the happiest color there is, after all!

Our Tile colors Lemon Cream and Daffodil

Ready to brighten up your space? Shop brights now. Need some help? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our Talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.