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Project Spotlight

House Seven Design: Green Coffee Bar

By Kali

House Seven Design: Green Coffee Bar

Design + Images: House Seven Design

House Seven Design founders treated their renovated home office to a chic nook-turned-coffee bar highlighted by a lush 2x4 Kelp backsplash. See how a bit of tile can make a big difference on today's blog. 

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and House of Seven Design? Where are you based? 
Hello! My name’s Anissa — Lead Designer and co-founder of House Seven Design! We are a husband and wife run design and build firm based in Indianapolis Indiana. What once started as a stay-at-home moms DIY blog documenting our home improvement projects in our “Seventh House” evolved into a full team operation and Interior design service. Taking the initial leap of faith from hobby to career was slightly terrifying as we had no clue as to whether we’d sink or swim in this constantly evolving creative industry, but pursuing what we love and feel so passionate about proved itself to be well worth the risk and we haven't looked back ever since!

Anissa of House of Seven Design

How did you hear about Fireclay Tile? What did you enjoy about the experience? 
I heard about Fireclay Tile first when I was invited to a design influencer retreat in San Francisco. on that trip we learned about Fireclay and got to meet the amazing team behind their products and learn about how they manufacture their tiles here in the US. We even got to make a tile of our own. Their hospitality and mission behind what they do made the experience an unforgettable one.

Our San Francisco showroom.

Why do you love tile? 
Tile is timeless, practical, and fun! I love that you can do so many things with it and achieve so many different looks. When choosing tiles for our projects we always consider how it will hold up over time and I love that I never have to question the quality of the products I’m using while working with Fireclay tile.


What are your 3 best design tips?
1. Layer! layering different materials such as woven textiles, metals, and wood bring warmth and texture to any room. 


Image: House Seven Design

2. Get personal—Your home should be a reflection of who you are and tell a story. Don't be scared to style your shelves with vintage heirlooms or hang your fun family photos on the walls or on your shelves—elevate them by framing with a thick white matte boarder. 


Image: House Seven Design

3. Invest in the good stuff. It never feels great at first but you will be so much happier in the long run if you spend a little bit more on a quality piece that you love and will only get better over the years vs. less expensive fix that won't hold the same kind of longevity.


Image: House Seven Design

Now, onto the project! Can you tell me about the space? What did it look like before? What did you change?
This basement looked straight out of a horror movie. We put off this project for a few years until our growing design team needed a designated space to work and this nightmare of a basement was just not going to cut it. We wanted a space where we could comfortably work, conduct client meetings, store our growing sample collection, and give us a little space for a coffee bar!

2x4 tiles in Kelp in a straight set pattern featured in this charming coffee bar.

Tile Shown: 2x4 in Kelp

What type of look or aesthetic were you going for?
I wanted the space to feel clean and fresh. Since the space is in the basement of our home my goal was to make sure that it didn't “feel’ like a basement once the remodel was complete. I wanted it to instead feel like an extension of the home.

How did you come up with your color scheme and design?
We wanted to keep a bright, neutral space that would feel easy to work in and wouldn't feel dated within a year. We stuck to our guns and painted the walls and ceilings in SW Extra White as a blank backdrop to host our busy bulletin mood boards and all the accessories we store for styled client installs. To add a pop of color we created a backsplash to our coffee bar using Fireclay’s 2x4 tile in Kelp.

2x4 tiles straight set in Kelp add a pop of color to this coffee bar.

Why did you choose the 2x4 tiles in Kelp?
We loved this tile because it’s fun and different but still felt sleek and modern. The green is so beautiful! I love how the glazing varies slightly from tile to tile and makes this little nook really stand out from the rest of the office. It has become the first thing people notice and compliment when they walk downstairs! 

2x4 tiles in Kelp.

How did the installation process go? Did you face any challenges? Did you work with a tile installer or contractor?
We worked with a sub contractor to install our tile and it made the process fairly painless. If I can sneak in one more design pro tip— work with professionals! It always pays to do it right the first time.

How was designing for your own home? Lessons learned?
Designing my own home has been a never-ending journey of ups and downs. I can often be my own worst client especially when I feel the pressure to create something that fully showcases my abilities as a designer—however the one thing that always gets me through it is just sticking with my gut. I find I always enjoy the end product so much more when I let myself have fun with the process and try new things. A lesson learned would be to just trust that process and know that good things can take time. Be patient with yourself and trust your instincts.

Green please! Kelp's saturated tone and beautiful color variation make for a beautiful install in this small coffee bar backsplash.

What Fireclay products are you dying to use in future projects?
I’m loving Star & Cross tile in Ultra Cream with Black Patine and 6x6 tile in Loch Ness. They just might show up in some future projects of ours! Stay tuned...

Our Large Star and Cross in Ultra Cream with Black Patine

6x6 tiles in Loch Ness

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