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Happy Earth Day from Fireclay Tile

By Kali

Happy Earth Day from Fireclay Tile

Image: View from our factory in Aromas, California, where all of our tiles are handmade.

One of our main values at Fireclay Tile is to tread lightly on our earth. We work hard to create products that are made with recycled materials and as a recognized B-Corporation, we aim to be as sustainable as possible. To us, everyday is a day to appreciate our planet. We only have one earth, it's important that we treat it right. Here's how we do it:

Our Values:
To us, everyday is Earth Day; treading lightly on it is key to celebrating it. We make all of our tile in the USA, at our factory in Aromas, California. We buy used, we re-purpose, we take care of what we have, and we use recycled materials whenever possible. 

Image: We locally source the material to make our tiles (these are glass tiles getting ready to be fired in their molds).

Our Materials:
We use recycled materials in most of our products and we source these materials locally. We also only use lead free glaze material for all our tile colors.

Image: Our lead-free glazes.

Our glass tile is made of 100% post-industrial window glass, as well as 100% post-industrial solar class.

Tile Shown: Glass tiles in Dew Drop fresh from the kiln.

Image: Solar Tubes are used to make our glass tiles.

Our Recycled Clay Body is made up of a mix of materials, including, post-consumer curbside porcelain (recycled toilets and sinks for example), post-industrial granite dust and Fireclay Tile manufacturing scrap.

Image: Some of our raw materials used to make our tiles.

Our Thin Glazed Brick comes from McNear Brick and Block in San Rafael, California. We glaze it with our lead-free glazes at our factory.

Brick Shown: Brick on our packing table.

Our Inspiration:
We are constantly inspired by the beauty of our planet. You'll notice that many of our tile color names are inspired by the sea, the land and its rocks and minerals.

Image: View from our factory in Aromas, California.

Below are a few of our colors inspired by our planet's waters:

Tile Shown (Top to Bottom): Salton Sea, Glacier Bay, Naples Bay, Bora Bora, Aegean Sea, Adriatic Sea & Azul.

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