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Handpainted Pattern Spotlight: Grange

By Pearl

Handpainted Pattern Spotlight: Grange

The Agrarian Collection

Every piece from our Agrarian Collection is getting a moment in the spotlight, and Grange couldn't be more deserving. A fresh take on the classic parquet pattern, Grange looks right at home in everything from retro-chic to modern spaces. Contrasting colors in muted tones add extra depth and dimension. Even Justina Blakeney of The Jungalow can't wait to get her hands on this new Handpainted Tile pattern. 

Fireclay Tile Blog: Introducing Our New Agrarian Handpainted Collection

Availablein three signature motifs, Warm, Cool, and White, Grange is versatile and timeless. Mix it with other patterns from our Agrarian Collection or let it stand out on its own--there's no wrong way to go Grange.

Warm Motif

Handpainted Tile Shown: Grange in Warm Motif

Grange comes in a Warm Motif comes in a blend of Peacock, Blue Velvet, and Navy Blue with a splash of Tidewater, plus dark Basalt for added depth. It's a thoughtful palette for those looking for a moody and sophisticated aesthetic.

Here are four ways you can arrange Grange. While top two patterns feel like a well-blended mosaic with a feeling of spontenaiety, the bottom two offer a sense of order but are no less intriguing. 

Cool Motif

Handpainted Tile Shown: Grange in Cool MOtif

A soothing spectrum of greens and lovely contrasts gives Grange in Cool Motif a harmonious composition. Look up close and you'll notice the nuances among Hunter Green, Flagstone, River Mist, Halite, and Basalt  

The greens in Grange's Cool Motif offer up hints of organic inspiration, pointing back to the weaving rows of crops from where the pattern takes its inspiration. 

White Motif

Handpainted Tile Shown: Grange in White Motif

For the minimalists out there, Grange in White Motif is the perfect way to simply let the pattern shine.  A scaled-back pairing of White Wash and Halite, this neutral palette offers a refreshing take on Grange. 

No matter how you arrange it, Grange in White Motif feels both undeniably familiar and effortlessly modern. 

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