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Green with Envy

Green with Envy

We love this time of year. The days are a little longer, the air is a little warmer and the birds seem to chirp a little louder. With an extra skip in our step we can't help but notice the budding trees and sprouting foliage all around us. Those first hints of spring make for a color infusion sure to calm and energize your spirit all year round. With so many shades of green to choose from it can be hard to find the perfect color to fit your space. Don't fret, we're here to share some pointers on this season's freshest hue.

1. The Subtle Sophisticate

Whether you're drawn to sleek and contemporary lines or design with a more organic appeal, muted shades of green are the perfect way to inject subtle hints of color into any space. Greens that are infused with blue undertones evoke the feeling of a soothing retreate. We recommend pairing these soft shades of green with light, natural finishes and clean lines to create an airy feel. The soft pillowed edge of our Glass tile, shown here in Juniper Gloss, adds a spa like tranquility to the more subtle shades of green.

Shown in Glass: 1x4 Juniper Gloss; Malcom Fearon/ Malcom Fearon Bliss Images

Tile: Fossil, Fennel and Celedon

2. The Bold Modernist 

If you find yourself drawn to natural finishes, clean lines and bold accent features, you will love our more saturated shades of green. These fearless colors evoke that emotional connection we all have to the great outdoors. We love the way this Texas kitchen balances cool, dark, wood finishes with the bold and confident Tile color, Spruce. Kick up the graphic punch by pairing a more saturated hue with one of our more unique Tile shapes or a contrasting grout color. Heck, why not be an over-achiever and do both.

Shown in Tile: Paseo in Spruce; De Witt Architects, Twist Tours Photography

Tile: Chartreuse, Kelp and Spruce

3. The Natural Industrialist

We find great appeal in an abundance of tile. If you find yourself drawn to the more industrial quality of large tile installations, set in classic patterns, you will love our long lean Tile shapes. And when paired with shades of green, a large installation will suddenly lose its cold hard edge and conjur up a more warm and grounded feeling. Take it a step further, like this Texas bathroom, and incorporate a warm rich hue for added depth and interest. 

Shown in Tile: Clover, Cratsmen Green, and Demitasse; Photo Whit Preston

Tile Colors: Sage Green, Clover and Venetian Green


Green has proven to be one of the most timeless colors on the wheel, and is always a best seller. With universal appeal - thanks to its connection with nature - you can guarantee green will remain a steadfast design staple. 

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