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Shannon Malone

Shannon Malone

Social Media Maven

Shannon joined the team in 2013 as Fireclay's Social Media Maven. After graduating from the University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Cultural Anthropology, Shannon pursued her lifelong passion for interior design by working as a freelance writer for Houzz. Her interest in design related content eventually led her to Fireclay where she gets to spend her day spreading the Fireclay word and help get tile to the people!

Favorite thing about Fireclay: The beautiful handmade nature of our tile, especially our new Handpainted Collections.

Susanne Redfield

Susanne Redfield

Creative Consultant

Tile designer and ceramist Susanne Kibak Redfield merges her Danish roots and love of traditional crafts with a modern sense of restraint that brings just enough to the design without going over the top. After graduating from the University of California Santa Cruz in 1981, Susanne started her own business making ceramic tiles. She introduced Kibak Tile through Kneedler Fauchere, a revered interior showroom to the trade, then spent twenty five years in a successful relationship with Ann Sacks. "I began hearing about Fireclay Tile, their sustainable story and youthful energy really captured my imagination, I absolutely wanted to be part a company that really cares about tomorrow. Designing product for Fireclay Tile is energizing, truly inspirational.


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$$$ for our First Charity Partner - CORA!

A stack of Glazed Thin Brick

We are thrilled to announce our first charity partner donation from sales of our Glazed Thin Brick! As of June 30, 2012, we are able to donate over $400 to CORA, a local women’s organization we are so thrilled to support.

In March of this year, Fireclay launched our newest  sustainable offering - Glazed Thin Brick (see press release here). This product is a partnership between Fireclay Tile and McNear Brick & Block, and it takes McNear’s recycled content, locally produced thin brick and pairs it with Fireclay’s all natural, lead-free glazes. The result is a fantastic new product that has been extremely well received by the design and architectural community, including making the cover of Architectural Products this past summer (Issue June 2012, page 47).

When we launched Glazed Thin Brick we committed 1% of all sales to charity. We made our first charity partner CORA, or Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse.  Fireclay was first introduced to CORA when they were upgrading their San Mateo County facility and looking for tile, which at the time we were happy to donate.

When asked about why CORA was originally chosen, Fireclay’s founder Paul Burns said, “Fireclay was happy to donate tile to help transform the space they offer for people in need. Our tiles are handmade in the Bay Area so they give a personal touch to any living environment.  It is most important that there is a safe place available for families if they are trapped in an abusive place.” With our new 1% of Glazed Thin Brick sales charity program, CORA was a natural fit!

CORA has been serving the San Mateo County since 1978 and is dedicated solely to those affected by domestic abuse.  CORA’s mission is to end domestic abuse with intervention and prevention including:  answering 5,000 hotline calls, providing over 750 counseling sessions and giving over 140 individuals emergency housing or transitional housing in the last fiscal year.

If you are interested in supporting CORA please visit: www.corasupport.org

We look forward to continuing our support of CORA through the end of 2012!


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