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Color Spotlights

Color Spotlight: Foggy Morning

foggy bridge

While the rest of the country basks in the glories of summer, we here in San Francisco get out our sweaters, snuggle up to our cups of coffee, light fires, and get ready to greet the foggy mornings of our beloved city by the bay.  we embrace foggy mornings and have named one of our favorite, luscious grey hues Tile colors in their honor, Foggy Morning.

Tile colors shown: Foggy Morning and Foggy Morning with Black Patine

Steeped in a cloudy grey hue, Foggy Morning is infused with a high crackle finish and painterly variation for a misty neutral backdrop. Foggy Morning is also available infused with a captivating black patine that highlights the artful high crackle finish.


Tile color shown: Foggy Morning

Image: Gardenweb

Grey can be accused of coldness, industrial anonymity, but not our Foggy Morning. Light bounces through the translucent glaze letting a hint of the warm claybody seep through. The soft, shade variation brings life and warmth to any application. Layered looks, incorporating stone, glass, and wood, also bring added interest.  Our semi-sheer greys pair well with a great variety of stones picking up influences reflected off the more opaque surfaces.

Fireclay Tile

Foggy Morning infused with black patine adds elegance and gravitas to a more traditional application.  Above, classical refinement meets rustic allure with this beautifully updated fireplace in a traditional-style San Francisco home.

Image: she777; Tile colors shown: Cyclone, London Fog, Boulder, Foggy Morning

Blends are a sophistcated way to make a space your own. Our grey repertoire range from the darker more urban, modern variety, to uber neutrals that celebrate the feel of crisp, airy lightness.

Image: vtwonen; Tile colors shown: Ultra Cream, Foggy Morning, Silver Haze

A grey bathroom or kitchen is soothing and calming. Greys like Foggy Morning take a step back from it's surroundings, showcasing other architectural elements.  Grey is a delightful way to stay neutral, a chic alternative to white.

Image: Interior Groupie

Try pairing Foggy Morning with a simple Handpainted design such as San Carlos in it's neutral motif for a super current look.


Or pair your Foggy Morning with some of our Recycled Glass tile like our color Ash for added sparkle and interest.


Glass color shown: Ash

Ready to embrace the fog?  Shop Foggy Morning now.  Need some help?  Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.