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Fireclay turns into a butterfly at Mission Kids Co-op!

Posted by: Kali • Oct 14

Fireclay turns into a butterfly at Mission Kids Co-op!

Fireclay becomes a butterfly for Mission Kids Co-op in San Francisco!

Recently, Fireclay donated tile to Mission Kids Co-op pre-school in San Francisco to transform their “dull courtyard” into a “whimsical, child-like world of color through mosaics.”

The area for the mosaic was a two-story cinderblock wall in pale yellow.  A grant was written by Erin Farrell and supported by  First 5 of San Francisco.  The grant specified parents and children work together to create the mosaic.  Apparently, it was so much fun that prior students, grandparents, children from the local church and general contractors broke the tile and adhered it to a mesh that was later adhered to the wall. 

Close-up of Butterfly at Mission Kids Co-op 

Dana Albany is the mosaic artist that pulled the large project together.  It took a month and a half to complete.  Dana worked with the 3 to 5 year olds between snack time, nap time, story time and park outings.  The children broke the tile in plastic bags and affectionately called it “making magic.”

Detail of mosaic with Fireclay Tile

The end result was a butterfly in the center with a wingspan of 9 feet surrounded by flowers and animals.   Per Dana Albany: 

“The butterfly is surrounded by flowers and leaves, in every color imaginable provided by the intrinsic palette of tiles donated by Fireclay. There is a parrot perched atop exquisite tiles sculpted as tree branches, a fantastic representation of the diversity of tile Fireclay carries. Specialty Fireclay tiles include a monkey, turtles, frogs, and birds making the mosaic a mystical journey to explore and find its hidden treasures.  At summer's end, the mosaic had attained its vision of beauty, love, community, and collaboration!  Thank you Fireclay! For bringing ever-lasting "magic" to the Mission Kid's Co-op!!!! It is just the Beginning!!!"

Fireclay Boneyard in San Jose - a resource for mosaic artists!

Fireclay encourages all mosaic artists, or those interested in mosaics, to come to our San Jose location and visit our Boneyard.  Overstocks, seconds and stocked tile can all be found at a great discount in the Boneyard.  There is even a mosaic box where we have a mixture of tile.  The inventory changes daily.  We also encourage people involved in projects similar to the Mission Kids Co-op mosaic to contact us to see Fireclay can help donate to the project.  


To find out more:
Dana Albany, mosaic artist, danaalbany@juno.com, 415.871.1261
Mission Kids Co-op in San Francisco
First 5 San Francisco
Fireclay Tile

Fireclay Tile Boneyard in San Jose

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