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Color Spotlights

Fireclay Tile's Top 10 Tile Colors

By Shannon Malone

Fireclay Tile's Top 10 Tile Colors


Now that we've transitioned into 2015, we wanted to take a look back at the past year and see what some of YOUR favorite colors have been.  We've shared our Top 10 Glass colors, but now its time to talk Tile.  From soft eggshell inspired hues to crisp whites and subtle grays our range of white and gray tile hues dominated our top 10 list last year, but don't worry color lovers–some of our favorite blues were close behind.   Check out our list below and see if you're favorite made it to the top!

Meet our top 10 Tile colors...

1.) White Wash

Clean and Classic, White Wash might be the perfect white–Its no wonder the versatile hue made it to our number one spot last year.  White Wash is finished with a crisp, polished gloss glaze that is perfect for creating fresh interiors brimming with modern appeal.

The kitchen below experiments with pattern by choosing White Wash in our Ogee Drop shape.  A dark grout line creates contrast against the bright white hue, offering the pattern itself to be the focal point of the space.  The crisp white complements the modern nature of the design, and helps reflect light.

Tile shown: Ogee Drop in White Wash; Image: AIH Development

2.) Tusk

Tusk is another timeless white, perfect for bringing together a variety of styles and colors.  Soft and subdued, Tusk is tinged with a hint of creamy ivory for an inviting air and even finish.  This welcoming white works wonders in both traditional and transitional settings alike, offering warmth and character to your design.

The kitchen below keeps the space light and airy with an all white color palette.  To prevent the color scheme from feeling cold, Tusk is paired with bright white cabinetry.  The layered effect creates warmth and texture in the space.  

Tile shown: Ogee in Tusk

3.) Daisy

We love a fresh matte glaze, and Daisy definitely fits the bill.  Refreshing Daisy's smooth matte finish will give your space a softly muted touch.  Try pairing the matte white with a range of cool blue and green tones or use it on its own to create a clean white surface in any room.

The bathroom below highlights Daisy's smooth matte finish with a classic subway tile layout on the shower wall.  A wall niche is lined with our Star & Cross shape for added visual interest.

Tile shown: 3 x 6 and Star & Cross in Daisy

4.) Mica

Showcasing a soft eggshell-inspired shade, Mica is highlighted by a polished gloss finish for an elegantly white lustre.

This soft white has been a popular choice for traditional interiors in classic patterns. The drama-filled kitchen below contrasts dark cabinetry, mint green walls and a metallic range hood with Mica in a classic herringbone layout.

Tile shown: 2 x 4 in Mica; Image: Malcolm Fearon: Bliss Images

5.) Foggy Morning

If you're looking for the perfect subtle gray, Foggy Morning might be for you.  Steeped in a cloudy grey hue, Foggy Morning is infused with a high crackle finish and painterly variation, perfect for creating misty neutral backdrops.

The kitchen below chooses Foggy Morning in a sleek 2 x 8 size to create a contemporary backdrop for a cool blue tile accent.

Tile shown: 2 x 8 in Foggy Morning; Image: Malcolm Fearon: Bliss Images

6.) Nautical

Nautical took the lead as our top shade of blue last year.  Showcasing a wash-like glaze and glossy variation, nautical's smoky blue-gray tone lends a cool touch perfect for creating coastal inspiration in any space.

The Kitchen below keeps it classic with Nautical in a classic 3 x 6 subway style layout and bright white grout.  The blue tile paired with detailed white cabinetry and light wood countertops subtly hints at a nautical-inspired theme.

Tile shown: 3 x 6 in Nautical

7.) Turquoise

From boho-chic abodes to tropical retreats, Turquoise's richly saturated finish makes for a lush and lustrous backdrop.  A popular choice for all you color lovers, this vibrant hue is sure to make a statement in your kitchen or bathroom.

The kitchen backsplash below gives our classic Ogee shape a Twist by placing the Moroccan shape on its side and choosing a bright splash of Turquoise.  The saturated hue is highlighted by white cabinets, soft gray countertops and a bright white grout line.

Tile shown: Ogee in Turquoise; Image: Kirsten Kaiser Photography

8.) Milky Way

A great ivory-inspired hue is always a popular choice for those looking for a color that will go with just about everything.  Milky Way's warm ivory undertones gives this even white hue a creamy and inviting touch that is ideal for traditional interiors.

The bathroom below balances out varying shades of green tile by placing vertical offset rows of Milky Way in between each row of green.  The warm white hue breaks up the color giving the eye a break, while complementing the other white tones in the room.

Tile shown: 3 x 6 in Milky Way

9.) Ultra Cream

Ultra Cream is another popular warm ivory tone but features our white clay body.  Showcasing a smooth and even off-white finish, Ultra Cream is infused with a high crackle glaze for a hint of texture.

The kitchen backsplash installation below uses Ultra Cream to showcase a custom Handpainted tile accent.  Although the handpainted tile is the focal point of the space, the textured finish of Ultra Cream creates another layer of visual interest.

Tile shown: 2 x 2 in Ultra Cream; Image: Malcolm Fearon; Bliss Images

10.) Foggy Morning with Black Patine

Awash in a misty gray hue, Foggy Morning is infused with a captivating black patine that highlights an artful high crackle finish.  This subtle gray is always a popular choice because the black patine gives the glaze another level of texture and dimension.

The fireplace below gives the traditional design some character with Foggy Morning with Black Patine.  The highlighted crackle finish adds contrasting texture against the off-white fireplace surround and the brick interior.

Tile shown: 2 x 6 in Foggy Morning with Black Patine; Image: Malcolm Fearon, Bliss Images

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