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Fireclay Tile New San Francisco Restaurant, Liholiho Yacht Club

By Shannon Malone

Fireclay Tile New San Francisco Restaurant, Liholiho Yacht Club

yellow subway kitchen restaraunt tile liholiho yacht club

Recently the Fireclay Tile Team had the chance to check out one of San Francisco's newest restaurants, Liholiho Yacht Club.  This budding Hawaiian inspired restaurant opened only a couple weeks ago, and has been fully booked every night since!  The resturant is owned by Bay Area chef, Ravi Kapur, and the team behind the popular San Francisco restaurant, Nopa.  Liholiho Yacht Club's menu takes inspiration from Hawaii, blending Asian and South Pacific food, in a pretty amazing way.

The food was delicious, but so was the decor.  The space was designed by architect, Brett Terpeluk and features light wood finishes, industrial-style brick walls, an open kitchen, and our sunny custom yellow tile in an offset 4 x 4 size.

yellow 4x4 offset tile patterns

The space has a light and bright island-inspired aesthetic that creates a casual cool atmosphere.

liholiho yacht club yellow offset tile pattern design

Diners get a front row seat to what goes on in the kitchen, which is located in the center of the restaurant.  We got to sit right up front and see all of the cooking in action!

liholiho yacht club yellow kitchen tile inspiration

liholiho yacht club, yellow industrial kitchen tile design inspiration

Our tile makes another appearance in the bathroom, creating a wainscotting effect.

wainscotting yellow offset restaurant bathroom tile patterns

For dinner we shared a few side salads, the Fried Game Hen and the Pork Shoulder steak, all equally delicious.  The Dessert was one of our favorite parts though, especially the ice cream!

liholiho yach club ice cream

Want to check out Liholiho Yacht Club?  Check out their website and make your reservation now!