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Fireclay Tile News: Climate Neutral

By Kali

Fireclay Tile News: Climate Neutral

There’s only one earth, so we treat it that way. Since 2012, we’ve been offsetting parts of our carbon footprint and today we are working towards Zero Waste manufacturing so our tile doesn’t leave a trace. Now we’ve taken it one step further. By becoming Climate Neutral Certified, we’ve joined a community of like-minded brands so we can eliminate our carbon emissions for good. 


So what is Climate Neutral? 
Climate Neutral is a non-profit organization that is working to enlist companies and consumers in the fight against climate change by helping measure, reduce, and offset their entire carbon footprint. You can learn more here

The Climate Neutral Certification includes four key steps:

  1. MEASURE: They have created a streamlined calculator and a step-by-step walkthrough of how to gather a company's measurements. Their goal is to make measuring and capturing the information easier for businesses like ours.
  2. REDUCE: Long-term reduction plans go hand-in-hand with immediate offsetting. We are creating an action plan with two or more carbon reduction goals.
  3. OFFSET: Carbon offsetting doesn't have to break the bank. Climate Neutral's standard for carbon credits balances quality and affordability. If needed, they can help a company purchase credits.
  4. LABEL: The Climate Neutral Certified label empowers customers to choose brands that choose to pay for their carbon emissions.

Historically at Fireclay Tile, we've offset our carbon emissions from our own manufacturing and shipping (termed Scope 1) as well as from the purchase and use of energy and gas (termed Scope 2). 



With Climate Neutral Certification, we are taking it one step further and will be measuring and offsetting emissions directly related to the sourcing and production of our raw materials (termed Scope 3). To do this, we are partnering with our vendors to better understand their impact.


This year we've also Pledged to be Zero Waste by 2021 (we'll share more about this initiative in the near future). We've also become a Founding member of the Good Future Design Alliance (GFDA) to partner, learn, and teach other design and architecture companies on how we can all reduce our waste. 

Want to know more about our efforts towards environmental initiatives? You can learn more about our factory hereand ourB-Corp status here! 

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