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Fireclay Tile Dealer Showroom Spotlight: hollingsworth Decorative Plumbing

Fireclay Tile Dealer Showroom Spotlight: hollingsworth Decorative Plumbing

This week we head clear across the country to see our friends in the Sunshine State at hollingsworth Decorative Plumbing, in Jacksonville Florida.

Worth Turner, one of the creative minds at hollingsworth, took a few moments to share a little bit about his experiences with Fireclay, and give us a sneak peek into their stunning showroom.

In 1942 Charles Hollingsworth Turner opened his first plumbing shop in Jacksonville, Florida--four generations later, still rooted in the heart of San Marco, hollingsworth decorative plumbing provides a fresh look for the old classics. Designing and selecting the perfect fixtures for your home, their carefully selected product lines represent a range of price points and personal taste.

FCT: How did you get into the design business?
WT: My background & passion is in the design field, I came back and rebranded the family business after working 4 years in Manhattan. Before we were mainly a service business with a small showroom. Now we are a full scale decorative plumbing & tile showroom. We were the 2011 Waterworks Boutique of the year, we have seen a lot of growth in the 6 months we have been open since our remodel and are bringing on more sales consultants to cater to all the design professionals that love our unique and quality products.

FCT: How long have you been in the tile business?
WT: For the past eight years, however we only carried one extensive line. Five months ago we decided to expanded and renovate our existing showroom and brought in 7 additional lines (Fireclay being our new favorite).

FCT: Why do you carry Fireclay?
WT: The main reason we brought in Fireclay was because of the broad color offering, the majority of our business comes from interior designer's and they are always looking for a specific color to match a certain fabric, stone, etc.  Our decision to carry the line has been proven right due to the outstanding customer service we have received from the entire team.  Fireclay's enthusiasm and love for their product offering has inspired us to really get out there and sell.

FCT: What are some of your Fireclay favorites?
WT: We have had the most success with the Vitrail line, the beautiful colors and glazes seem to grab every customer's eye.

FCT: What is your favorite/most memorable install?
WT: Our favorite install was a fountain that we did with the Vitrail Ogee Drop in Ultra Cream.  The fountain has a waterfall effect and the shape/color of this tile against the water is stunning.

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