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Fireclay Replay

By Ted Ryan

Fireclay Replay

2021 was a call for a change of scenery. After spending 2020 and maybe most of this year at home, it was time for transformation.

Maybe you escaped to our Gallery to gawk at the kitchens you longed to cook in and bathrooms that would be perfect for a long leisurely bath right about now.

Maybe you took the plunge yourself and broke ground on a new design in your own home.

Whatever it was that got you through the year better than when it started, we were here for it. And we’re here to remember all of your favorite tile moments of 2021.

Crank up the volume, it’s the Fireclay Replay!

Fireclay Tile Instagram

Searching for inspiration or a quick escape from reality, it was an all-time year on Instagram. We won’t guess how many hours you logged but here are the most scroll-stopping projects you couldn’t get enough of:

Your Favorite Bathroom

Salton Sea Bathroom Shower

Tile Shown: Salton Sea in 2 x 8 // Design: Cathie Hong // Image: Christy Quiambao

Your Favorite Kitchen

Blended Kitchen Backsplash

Tile Shown: Milky Way, Tuolumne Meadows, Sorbet, Mandarin in 3x3 // Design: Aker Interiors // Image: Jess Isaac Photography

Your Favorite Fireplace

Brigth Bazaar Adriatic Sea Blue herringbone Fireplace

Tile Shown: Adriatic Sea in 2 x 8 // Design: Bright Bazaar

Your Favorite Exterior

JTH Posada Inn Handpainted Tile Stair Risers

Tile Shown: Avila and Vigo in a Custom Motif // Design + Image: Sara Combs + Rich Combs

Your Favorite Commercial Project

Austin Skin Scalene Triangle and 1x6 Accent Wall

Tile Shown: Peacock, Blue Velvet, Mesa, Lichen, Neptune, Red Rock in Scalene Triangle, Neptune and Mesa in 1 x 6 // Design: Erin Elizabeth Curtis, Sixth River // Image: Tre Dunham

Fireclay TikTok

We got on TikTok this year and immediately went viral. You loved looking behind the scenes at how our tile is made and meeting the makers who craft each tile by hand. These are the TikToks that you had on repeat:

Fireclay TikTok Handpainted Heart
Fireclay TikTok Handpainting Kasbah
Fireclay TikTok Mosaic Sheeting Behind the Scenes
Fireclay Tile Handmade Color Tile Samples

With all that inspiration, it was time to set your sights on your own homes. After spending so much time at home, a new bathroom or backsplash was just the refresh you needed for a change of scenery without booking a plane ticket.

White Wash

White Handmade Subway Tile Samples


Off-White Handmade Subway Tile Sample

Salton Sea

Handmade Green Subway Tile Samples
Fireclay Tile Colors

You love us for our colors and customization. You live for endless possibilities. But at the end of the day, you can’t beat a classic. Shades of white dominated our production line for a fresh and clean look that never goes out of style.

White Wash

White Handmade Subway Tile


Off-White Handmade Subway Tile


Matte White Handmade Subway Tile
Fireclay Tile Shapes

Rectangles reigned supreme in 2021. Variations on the classic Subway Tile showed no signs of falling out of style. Whether you were designing a straight-set, offset or herringbone pattern, these were the shapes that topped your purchase orders.


2x8 Handmade Tile



3x6 Handmade Tile
Fireclay Merch Store Gift Guide

We launched our Merch Store in October to the delight of Fireclay superfans everywhere. At the same time, we dropped our long-awaited collaboration with Block Shop Textiles and the coasters are selling like hotcakes. These were your top 3 grout-free items for 2021.

Block Shop x Fireclay Tile Coaster Set - 2pk Signal in Gesso

2-Pack Signal Coasters

Block Shop x Fireclay Tile Coaster Set - 2pk Signal in Clay

Block Shop x Fireclay Tile Coaster Set - Dot Dash in Plein Aire

4- Pack Coaster Dot Dash in Plein Aire Motif
Fireclay Quick Ship

When other parts of your project were stalled because of crazy supply chains, we had your back with in-house inventory of our most popular tile, ready to ship in 5 days or less. With no time to waste, here’s what you had to have.

Black Hills Brick

Brick Shown: Black Hills // Design: Nicole Roe Design // Image: Daniel Barcelo

Lewis Range Brick

Lewis Range kitchen backsplash

Brick Shown: Lewis Range // Design: BOXI by Semihandmade // Image: Molly Rose Photo

2x8 Ceramic Tile in White Wash

Tile Shown: White Wash in 2 x 8 // Design: Delaware River Cabinet Co. // Image: Craig Donaldson

Fireclay Tile Handpainted Tiles

Every tile we make is its own work of art but our Handpainted tiles are in a league of their own. Each tile is one of a kind but three patterns made it through our handpainting department over and over again. Want to see how it's done? Check out our YouTube page!

Kasbah in Neutral Motif

Handpainted Shown: Kasbah Trellis in Neutral Motif // Design: Madelynn Furlong, Haley Weidenbaum // Image: Jessica Alexander

Sintra in Neutral Motif

Sintra Fireplace

Handpainted Shown: Sintra in Neutral Motif // Design: JL Interior Design // Image: Kuoh Photography

Grandola in Cool Motif

Grandola Cool Motif Kitchen backsplas

Handpainted Shown: Grandola in Cool Motif

There you have it! All your favorites from a year that seemed to fly by. What will 2022 have in store? Only you can decide. Get your favorite samples and then get in touch with one of our friendly design consultants to start your new project. It might end up on everyone's favorites next year!

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