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Fireclay on Color: How to Go Au Naturel with Neutrals

Fireclay on Color: How to Go Au Naturel with Neutrals

Kitchen installation featuring our Brick color, Snow; Image: Pottery Barn

Neutrals often get a bad rap for being boring or flat, but we couldn't disagree more!  With the right level of variation in shade and a carefully crafted balance of texture, a neutral interior creates a sense of understated sophistication that will match any style.

Layer it Up

When designing with neutrals you need variety, especially in color and texture.  We suggest playing around with a a few different neutrals to create a casually layered, yet sophisticated look.  The great thing about neutrals is they tend to all pair well together, so have fun and mix it up, you really can't go wrong!  If you are sold on one particular neutral, be sure to use a variety of shades in that same color.  If everything looks too similar you risk your design falling flat.  We love how this bathroom installation layers texture with our high variation color Malt, and a weathered wood, creating visual interest in the neutral space.

Bathroom installation featuring our 2x8 and 4x4 Tile in Malt

Our Tile line features a variety of neutrals in shades ranging from warm whites to deep chocolate browns and everything in between.  Whether you layer them up, or stick to your favorite, these natural hues will add interest to your neutral interior.

Our Tile colors, Mica, Birch, Malt, and Walnut

Let Color Shine

If you still feel your neutrals are a little bland, spice them up with dash of a bold color. We love how this home office installation uses our color Malt paired with creamy whites and soft wooden textures, while adding a pop of color with bright yellow vases.  Against the neutral tile, the small amount of color adds just the right amount of personality.

Home office installation featuring our Tile in Malt

Our Brick line also comes in a variety of neutral shades, perfect for creating everything from a traditional dining room to an industrial chic kitchen.  Try pairing our Brick neutrals with warm woods for added texture.

Our Brick colors, Snow, Silk, and Rust

Less is More

For those of you minimalist lovers, a neutral color scheme will work wonders.  When it comes to neutrals, a little goes a long way.  If you choose the right materials and decor, the space will speak for itself.  This dining room installation matches our neutral Brick whites, Cotton and Snow and with simple white curtains and wooden furnishings, creating a muted sense of elegance that makes a loud statement.

Dining Room installation featuring our Brick colors, Cotton and Snow; Image: Malcom Fearon, Bliss Images

Don't forget about Glass!  We often see our Glass tile used in bold hues due their vibrancy and reflective characteristics, but our glass is equally captivating in our neutrals shades.  Try a matte finish for a soothing, spa like aesthetic.

Our Glass colors, Cotton Matte, Bark Matte, and Walnut Matte

Need help finding the perfect neutrals for your space?  Simply fill out our Design Assitance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you within 24 hours