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Fans of Fireclay Tile Installation Stories ~ Cuerda Seca Warms up a New York Apartment

Fans of Fireclay Tile Installation Stories ~ Cuerda Seca Warms up a New York Apartment

Recently we received a wonderful email from a Fireclay Tile fan that included photographs of a very beautiful Fireclay Cureda Seca backsplash that was recently installed in her urban Brooklyn, New York Kitchen.

We were touched by her compliments, and asked her if we could share her story with you--she gave us a resounding yes! Here is what she had to say about her California inspired kitchen, and how it brightens up those cold, New York Winter days!

Fireclay Tile, Cuerda Seca Installation, Brooklyn, New York


"I have lived in Brooklyn, New York for six years, but I am originally from Los Angeles, California. Last year when I decided to renovate my apartment kitchen, I wanted to make sure to incorporate my favorite California design element, Spanish colonial tiles. I first saw Fireclay Tile at Mission Tile West in South Pasadena, California, and I thought they were amazing. (Arpita you're making us blush!) Then I saw a sample of the Cuerda Seca Lugo tile at Urban Archaeology in New York, and I knew I wanted it for my backsplash. I also wanted yellow tiles as a complement because I think it makes a kitchen cheerful."

"My designer, Karen Wright, planned a backsplash with yellow tiles, blue liner, and the Lugo tiles as a centerpiece. I love this backsplash! The rest of my kitchen is neutral (dark brown quartz counters, walnut cabinets, cork floor), so the tiles are a wonderful splash of color. The LED under-cabinet lights highlight the gorgeous peacock colors of the Lugo tiles."

I have received many compliments on my backsplash. And every time I use my kitchen, I am reminded of California sunshine and Mexican American artwork, two of my favorite things about Los Angeles. I recommend your tiles very highly!

Arpita Bose
Brooklyn, New York

To achieve this look, Arpita and her designer used:

Fireclay Curerda Seca Debris series, pattern: Lugo, colorway: Peacock, size 6 x 6
Fireclay Vitrail V23 color marigold, size 4 x 4, finish gloss
Fireclay Debris Series, size flatliner 1 x 6, color lapis, finish gloss
Fireclay Debris Series, size 1 X 1, color lapis, finish gloss

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Do you have an installation story you'd like to share with us? Email amanda @ fireclay with photographs of your Fireclay Tile installation, and your story--we may write a blog about you too!