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Fade to Blue

Fade to Blue

We admit it, we have a big blue crush.  From light and powdery to richly saturated shades, we can't get enough of this cool and classic hue.  Both classic and dramatic, our brilliant blues will add a splash of color to your space that never go out of style.

Kitchen installation featuring our 3x6 Tile in Sky Blue.  Design by Joshua Mogal of Eco + Historical Homes

One of the great things about blue is there is a huge selection of different tones to choose from. One of our favorites is the indigo and cobalt side of the blue spectrum–from soft blue hues to deep and true indigos–these rich blues with hints of purple will add a mysteriously moody feel to your space.  We love how the kitchen above uses our purple infused Sky Blue to add a dash of color to their neutral space, presenting an alternative take on a classic blue backsplash.

Our Tile colors Provence Blue, Sky Blue, and Twilight

For a more powerful statement, try a deeply saturated indigo-inspired hue such as our color Royal Blue.  This bathroom installation pairs our 6x6 Tile in Royal Blue with a handpainted design of the same hue, creating a vivid display of color and pattern.

Bathroom installation featuring our 6x6 Tile in Royal Blue; Image: Malcolm Fearon Images

Our Tile colors IndigoBig SkyRoyal Blue

Our Tile colors Lapis, Santorini Blue and Navy

We offer a variety of richly saturated blues including everything from our purple infused Lapis to our dark and moody Navy Blue.  One of our favorite uses for these brilliant hues?  The pool!  The crystal clear water will put even more emphasis on these already highly saturated colors.  Sounds pretty dreamy, right?  We think so too.

Pool installation featuring our Tile in Santorini Blue

Ready to fade into the blue?  Shop blues now.  Need some help figuring out which blue is best for you?  Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.