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When and Where You Can Use Tile Outside

When and Where You Can Use Tile Outside

Image: Malcom Fearon, Bliss Images

Tile has been used in exterior applications for centuries. It’s durable surface and colorful accents make tile a great option for exterior applications. While there is a wide range of options available for exterior use, not all tile is suitable for exterior applications. Some of the Fireclay Tile products are suitable in exterior applications, while others could be subject to damage in freezing temperatures. We’re here to walk you through each option.


Tile is frost resistant but not frost proof. This means that if you live in a part of the country where temperatures dip below freezing at any point of the year, Tile isn’t the right option for you. Should you install tile in an area where it does freeze you could experience hairline fractures over time. It’s basic physics – matter expands when warm and contracts when cold, resulting in cracks. If you live in an environment that doesn’t experience freezing temperatures, you’re in the clear! Install as much tile as you want. We love nothing more than beautiful patios and facades that feature Tile.

Tile color shown: Lapis

Image: Malcom Fearon, Bliss Images


Our Handpainted collections are composed of the same clay used in our recycled clay body. Again – frost resistant but not frost proof. We discourage use of Handpainted in exterior applications that are subject to freezing temperatures.


Brick has been tested and approved for use in freezing environments. Because of it’s rustic nature, and colorful options, Brick is a perfect option for both residential and commercial exterior applications.

Brick color shown: Cotton

Brick color shown: Cotton; Image: Malcom Fearon, Bliss Images


Because glass is impervious it is ideal for exterior applications. It’s non absorbent structure mean that it will never be subject to expansion or contraction concerns. In addition glass is flame resistant and UV stable making it an excellent choice for that outdoor kitchen you have been dreaming of.

Tile colors shown: Blue Bonnet, Island Flower, and Wallflower

Always remember - as with any installation setting materials matter in a big way. Make sure you work with an experienced tile installer. They will know the right type of setting materials for your climate based on which ever product you select.

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