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Color Spotlights

Color Spotlight: Designing with our Icey Cool Hues

Color Spotlight: Designing with our Icey Cool Hues

Our colors shown in Glacier, Snow, Icicle, Icicle Matte, Mint Frost, Mint Frost Matte, Frost, and Powder Blue

With the 2014 Winter Olympics gearing up to start, we have found ourselves inspired by the icy cool hues of winter. These winter tones offer a sense of calm and tranquility to their surroundings, so we figured, why not incorporate these colors into your home for a similar effect? As always, we are here to help, and put together some advice on how to successfully transform your space into a refreshing respite with a winter cool color palette.

Ice, Ice Baby

For those of you who prefer an exclusively cool color palette, we suggest pairing our winter hues with other cool tones and textures. Our Icy blue and green recyclyed glass colors, Mint Frost and Icicle, and our ceramic tile color, Powder Blue would look great paired with cool grays, and other frosty neutrals. We also suggest pairing these colors with sleek materials such as stainless steel and concrete.

Glass shown in Icicle, Mint Frost and Tile shown in Powder Blue

The bathroom is the perfect setting for winter cool colors because it provides a soothing place to unwind and relax. We love how this bathroom uses a frosty blue to create a cool, calm retreat. Our icy cool baby blue color, Powder Blue would provide a similar relaxing effect in a bathroom setting, and would look great paired with a classic white subway tile and stainless steel fixtures.

When cool is too cool

For some of you, designing with our icy cool hues can make your space feel a little bit too frigid, but don't worry, there are always ways to thaw the ice. We suggest throwing in a punch of color to these wintery shades. A bright yellow such as our sunny hue, Dandelion, will bring warmth and an unexpected element to an otherwise cool color palette. A pop of yellow would look great paired with our winter inspired Glazed Thin Brick colors, Snow and Glacier. But yellow isn't the only option, this traditional kitchen installation features a frosty white subway tile with a mint green accent wall.

Kitchen Installation featuring our tile in Mica

Another way to add warmth to these icy cool colors is to incorporate wood in to your design. Wood brings an element of warmth to just about any space, and it contrasts well against these cool tones. We love how this Contemporary Cool Restaurant paired our Glazed Thin Brick in our frosty hue, Snow with textured wood paneling.

Restaurant installation featuring our Glazed Thin Brick in Snow and our Glass Tile in Forget Me Not

We understand that deciding on that perfect shade of ice can be tough, but we're here to help turn you tile novices into tile Olympians. Find us on our chat line or give us a call while you catch some of your favorite winter sports. We'll be cheering with you - GO TEAM USA!