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Designer Spotlights

Designer Spotlight: Anja Michals

By Kali

Designer Spotlight: Anja Michals


Images: Vivian Johnson

Striking just the right balance between simplicity and comfort, Bay Area interior designer Anja Michals makes modern living look oh-so-effortless. "Each project and space is not like the next. I highlight what is meaningful, updating the space while making it feel comfortable and lived in at the same time. Every house tells a story," says Anja of her design philosophy. We're putting the spotlight on Anja today and sharing her design advice, favorite projects and her top tile picks too. 

This is Anja: 


My style can be described as...Modern with some traditional, eclectic touches added in. 
My design philosophy is...Each project and space is not like the next. I highlight what is meaningful, updating the space while making it feel comfortable and lived in at the same time. Every house tells a story.
I got my start...Working in the fashion industry in New York City 15 years ago. There I learned all about personal style, fabrics and how fashion was a way of expression for me. After moving to San Francisco, this just translated into interiors. 
I find inspiration in...Traveling! This summer I visited Rome and was in awe of these ancient structures in a modernized city (and pinterest- ha!) 
I can't live without...Coffee in the morning and my aesop exfoliating chapstick. 
My best design advice...Would be to stay true to what you like and what speaks to you. A home should be reflective of you. Also, life is ever moving and evolving; it is okay for your taste to change over the years. 
I love tile because...There are so many variations possible and it is truly another form of art. It is a personal expression! 

Anja's favorite products: 


Tile shown: Glazed Thin Brick in Cotton, 6" Hexagons in French Linen and Snow Flower in White Motif 

A few of Anja's avorite projects: 
"On a recently restored home built in 1908, one of the ways of updating the space was using modern tile. In a kids bath we used three different blues, in a herringbone pattern on the floor to give a fun, playful vibe to the space."


Tile Shown: 2x6s in Aqua, Fluorite and Boundary Waters

"In the kitchen we used a matte white tile, to give a clean feel with also that handmade quality that Fireclay lends itself to."



Tile Shown: 2x6s in Calcite 

"We incorporated that same tile around the fireplace and newly designed mantle. Here we used darker grout to have a more pronounced feeling."


Tile shown: 2x6s in Calcite

"We just finished a modern home with warm tones in Mill Valley. We really used the tile here to give texture, color and depth to the house. We loved the Glazed brick for this very reason and seemed to speak to us! The Cotton brick was installed in the downstairs bath, halfway up the wall, continuing throughout the shower."


This look went very well with a printed black and white tile on the floor and black accents throughout. 


Tile Shown: Glazed Thin Brick in Cotton 

"The master bath was our showcase. We wanted it to be different and fresh, but still feel livable and comfortable. We used the Supernova in the Glazed Brick and it has a lasting effect." 



Tile Shown: Glazed Thin Brick in Supernova

Any upcoming projects?
I am using Interlaced Leaves in White Motif for a kitchen backsplash (entire wall) and also using 2x6s in French Linen in a girls bathroom. 


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