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Design Trends: White Tiles After Labor Day

Posted by: Kali • Sep 9

Design Trends: White Tiles After Labor Day

It is already that time of year again...Summer is quickly coming to an end and the (perhaps dated) notion of putting our whites until spring inevitably comes up. Luckily, you do not have to worry about that with tile; whites are here to stay.  Always a classic choice, white tiles just work. Whether it be in a clean offset, a playful pattern or a geometric shape, you've got a good thing going.  We'll show you a few of our favorite ways to use whites below; from the brightest whites to warmer hues. 

We have a bevy of whites to choose from in both our Recycled Clay and our White Clay Body. From bright, glossy whites to crackly, warmer tones--we have a full range to choose from. 

Looking for a bright white? Try our White Gloss or White Wash. If you'd like a matte finish, Daisy or Calcite will do the trick. For a bit of crackle texture, try our Frost

Tile Shown: White Gloss in a 2x8 offset pattern

Tile Shown: White Gloss in Paseo

Tile Shown: White Wash in a 2x6 herringbone pattern 

Tile Shown: Frost is a great option if you want a bright white with a crackly, engobe finish

Are you interested in a bit of warmth to your white? Our Tusk is one of our favorites to recommend. For a bit of crackle, we like to suggest Ultra Cream, Clear Glaze and Shell

Tile Shown: Tusk in Ogee 

Tile Shown: Shell in 3x6 Subway Tile offset pattern and 3" Hexes in the niche

Tile Shown: Ultra Cream is one of our warmer whites that offers beautiful variation with its crackly finish. 

There is just something so nice about a white brick. We have three beautiful shades: White Mountains, Lewis Range and Olympic (Ps. they actually look amazing installed together too)! 

Tile Shown: White Mountains

Tile Shown: White Mountains Brick in an offset pattern 

Tile Shown: White Mountains Brick in a straight set pattern

Tile Shown: Lewis Range Brick 


Tile Shown: Lewis Range Brick; this is the brighter white of the three we offer. 

One of our newer whites is Olympic

Brick Shown: Olympic 

Want to use white tile for your project? Order samples online now? Need some help deciding which is right for you? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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