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Design Trends: Tips and Tricks For Creating Dark and Daring Tile Floors

By Susanne Redfield

Dark flooring paired with white walls is a modern and beautiful way to brighten up your home. Whether you choose large or small, square, rectangle, or patterned, a bold use of dark tile exudes sophistication and drama while accentuating the white walls and furniture. Don’t be hesitant when it comes to dark tile floors, they can enhance your interiors more than you know.

Dark tile floors can be very chic and sophisticated, bringing richness and polish to the kitchen and dinning area. These dark 12 x 12 tiles are smooth and reflective, adding to the patina of old and new in this restored industrial space.

The large, matte hexagon tiles below lend an ageless, European-style to the otherwise modern bath below. Dark grout keeps the look smooth and cohesive as well as easy to clean.

White subway tile pops against this dark, modern, straight set tile floor. The dark grout is the unifying factor between large floor tiles and smaller classic subway tiles, while the quiet walls lend an airy impression overall.

Dark matte floors are the perfect choice for this seemingly open and spacious bath. With the weight below, the white walls of the room help create a lightness up top. The glass shower panel seems to be floating on air.

To recreate the look below try our glazed thin Brick tile hue, Snow for the walls–They are as white as it gets. The mix of textures in both the herringbone and hexagon patterns softens the presentation, while the dark elements of the floor and door further exaggerate the contrast.

Try our Hexagon shape in sizes anywhere from the classic 3" to a larger format to 12".

dark basalt hexagon tile variation

Tile color shown: Basalt

The smaller hexagon mosaic floor below adds playful texture to this sweet but functional attic addition.

Use dark floors to create an inviting room that is bright and layered without swamping the senses. Similar to the restaurant below, contrast dark patterned colors on the floor with lighter and brighter walls, counters, and ceiling. The decorative tiles have a grounding effect as the eye travels over all the varied, pleasing surfaces.

The key to successful dark floors in a traditional space is bringing in warmth with brass fixtures, and deeply stained wood accents. A bit of white in the decorative floor tile helps balance the room, keeps the floor from appearing overwhelming, and truly sets off the bespoke cabinetry and furniture.

For a similar look try our Moroccan Handpainted design, Kabuki Sphere in the Dark Motif.

dark kabuki sphere handpainted tile variation

Handpainted pattern shown: Kabuki Sphere in the Dark Motif

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