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Design Trends: Tile Rugs Take The Floor

By Kali

Surprise, Surprise, we love the idea of using tile as a you would a rug! You can think of a "tiled rug" just as you would a carpeted one: it can be as big or small as you'd like and as intricate or as simple as you'd prefer. It is a beautiful way to bring additional texture or color to your space and the best part? It is most certainly a lot easier to clean than an actual rug!

You can accomplish this look with our hand-painted tiles, with a pattern, or with a shaped tile. You can opt to frame out your rug or have it move organically into your other flooring material--whichever best suits your style. Another wonderful thing about tile rugs? They look great just about anywhere: bathrooms, entry ways, hallways, kitchens, mudrooms, dining rooms...

Below are three methods of incorporating a tiled rug into your space:


This is likely the most classic approach to a tile rug. We have a bevy of patterns to choose from--so whether you have a Spanish style home or a contemporary loft, we have something for you. The intricacies of a hand-painted tile rug can give weight to a space, as well as a major point of interest. Depending on your vision and your budget, you can make a larger area rug or a smaller focal point--both look fantastic.

The above is an illustration of a tiled hallway moving into a living space, it also shows how you can mix patterns and materials with relative ease. For a look like the one above you could try:

Tile Shown: Kasbah Trellis in Cool Motif

You might also like:

Tile Shown: Palerma in Cool Motif

To really get that rug effect, framing out hand-painted tiles will most definitely do the trick. You can see in the installation below how field tile in an offset pattern both frames and highlights.

Tile Shown: A custom Cuerda Seca with Field Tile in Crater Lake.

Shaped Tiles:

A shape is a modern way to get a tiled rug. You can use the shape in a single color for a simplistic approach or go for a few colors in the same tone. We think our Star and Cross, Hex, or Kite (to name a few) would all make for gorgeous installations.

You can see how our Mini Star and Cross shape below works so well in this simplistic approach to a tiled rug. You can use a shape in a white or neutral color with a darker grout to play up the pattern and then use either subway tile or trim pieces in a contrasting color as a frame. However, this would look just as good in any of our more vibrant colors!

Tile Shown: Our Mini Star and Cross in Daisy with a 1x6 Flatliner and field tile as a frame.

How striking is the installation below? We love what they have done with hexes in a variation of grayish blues and how they have blended the tile with the wood flooring in this asymmetrical configuration.

If you like what they've done with the hex in the above installation, you could try the colors below in our 6" Hex:

Tile Shown: Gypsum

Tile Shown: Rainy Day

Tile Shown: Nickel


A patterned rug is where you can have some fun with color. However, if you are more of the neutral color palette persuasion, that is fine too! You can find all our patterns here (there are a lot to choose from), but do not forget that we do offer complimentary Design Assistance if you should need any help determining what might work best for you.

A Herringbone is a classic choice that can be kept subdued in a neutral or played up like they have done below in a bright green. This would look amazing in either Brick or Tile:

If you like the vibrant Herringbone pattern above you might try:

Brick Shown: Parakeet

Tile Shown: Sea Green

You could also consider this same pattern with two colors instead of just one, as we did below in our San Jose Showroom:

Brick shown: Galaxy, Fog City and Harbor.

The below variation of a Parquet is also a bold and compelling pattern for a tiled rug:

If you like the above, you might try:

Tile Shown: Tusk

Tile Shown: Tomato Red

Would you like a tiled rug in your home? Order free Tile, Brick or Glass samples now. Need some help? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.