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Design Trends: Pairing Tile with Pantone's Spring 2016 Top Colors

By Kali

Pantone recently announced their 2016 Spring colors of the year and the top two are Rose Quartz and Serenity. These soft, calming shades of pink and blue could be viewed as too pastel (or perhaps labeled as tones better suited for a nursery), but paired with the right materials these colors are both elegant and fresh. They are also both subtle enough to act as neutrals, while adding a little surprise of color to your space.

Below we'll share how these colors inspire us and how you might bring tile into the equation:

This is one beautiful shade of blue. True to its name, this color certainly leaves one feeling tranquil and its muted tone has the ability to fit seamlessly into nearly any space. And while understated, this periwinkle-ish blue is still rich enough to hold its own alongside sturdy materials. Lucky for you, we have blue tile colors that are pretty similar to Serenity that are sure to liven your space for years and years to come.

A blue like this is ideal in a bathroom setting. Emily Henderson's bathroom is a beautiful example of how a blue like this can be both calming and enlivening simultaneously.

Our Ogee Drop tiles in Crater Lake in Emily Henderson's master bathroom.

For a slightly darker shade of of blue, you could also try Caribbean (you can also mix with Crater Lake too, as shown below).

Our Ogee Drop tiles shown in Crater Lake and Caribbean

There is something so perfect about this shade of blue in the kitchen. It pairs so well with whites, grays, rich wood, brass and stainless steel, as you can see below. We love the use of bright white square tiles above the stove:

Try any of our whites in 4x4 or 6x6 tiles for a look like the one above:

Our 4x4 tiles in White Wash

Due to this shade's subtleness, it can go with a wide array of colors and tones. You do not have to just stick to whites and neutrals, as shown in the kitchen below:

For a slightly lighter blue tile color, try our Powder Blue:

We love how this tone of blue looks paired with darker neautrals, as shown in this living space below. We can easily imagine a tiled fireplace surround in this sort of setting.

You could try our Mayan Blue to add just the right amount of color to your fireplace surround:

Tile Shown: Mayan Blue; this color has beautiful variation and a crackly texture.

Rose Quartz:
This pale pink though soft, can feel a bit intimidating when it comes to interiors. On initial viewing, you might think it only appropriate for a child's room, but this hue of pink actually has the capacity to read as a neutral. It can be a pleasant discovery to find a color like this in a bathroom or kitchen setting in place of a typical white or gray. While we do not offer a pink colored tile at the moment, all of our white tiles from bright to warm pair very nicely with this shade (any of our grays are also an ideal partner for Rose Quartz as well).

Pink tile can conjure images of bathrooms of yester-year and not often in good way. However, we think this color actually works well in a bathroom as an accent and can look quite modern. It pairs well with textured wood details and whites that are so often synonymous with the bathroom settings of today.

Our tile color Mica has undertones of light pink. If you want a hint of pink, without fully committing, this might be the perfect tile color for you.

Trying painting a wall in your kitchen or bath with this subtle pink. You can see below how nicely it pairs with warm copper details, as well as the cool tones found in marble.

Image: Frenchy Fancy

This tone of pink works wonderfully with soft neutrals as well:

For a look like the one above, try our engobe glaze Sand Dune:

Our tiles in Sand Dune make for a perfectly neutral and textured kitchen backsplash.

You can see below well this shade of pink plays up cool grays and warm wood details:

Image: Tumblr

Our tiles in Rainy Day are a perfect match for the subtle shade of Rose Quartz.

We're seeing a lot of painted black cabinetry, wood counters and open shelving these days; these design elements are an ideal setting to bring in a splash of pink. You can tile your backsplash in a white, warm neutral or cool gray and paint the wall above in this charming shade:

Image: Interior Dec

Are you just more comfortable decorating with neutrals? (It is completely fine if you are). You can always add a surprising pop of these color to an element of your space that isn't so permanent. We love this beautiful, somewhat moody kitchen that is accented with a pink door:

Image: Casa Vogue

Need more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Board dedicated to these two colors!

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