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Design Trends: Ideas and Inspiration For Creating Stripes With Tile

By Susanne Redfield

Stripes lend a seriously stylish flair to many settings, they are so easily incorporated into every style of decor from modern, to contemporary to ramped up glamour. Wide to narrow, horizontal or vertical, in pale neutrals or lively colors, stripes have a way of infusing just about any interior with visual interest and timeless good looks. Take a look at these tile striped up spaces and get inspired to make this trend your own.

Try a fun variation on the traditional tiled bathroom wall by choosing thick and thin field tiles in a variety of colors. This style will give your space a modern, contemporary vibe.

In the modern kitchen below graduated stripes made of black tiles mix up the classic look of a white subway tile wall. The stripes add a pleasing, unique look with no additional cost.

Few patterns are as diverse as the stripe. Below, adding a stripe is a great way to showcase the well designed shower hardware. Here the stripe adds interest by adding color variation and by switching up in installation pattern from a classic subway style to a modern straight set layout.

Create a focal wall by tiling a repeating pattern of stripes in varying widths using a bright and happy color palette. From floor to ceiling, this chic and stylish bath is decked out in green and white tile stripes, then finished off with a solid colored hexagon on the floor.

The black and white stripes in the shower below add a fresh bold graphic note to an otherwise neutral space. The thicker black and thinner white tile choice give the pattern a considered look, adding a sophisticated, architectural appeal.

Looking for interesting ways to give your interior spaces a beautiful facelift? Wide yellow stripes and elegant accessories make this luxe, bathroom ultra-glamorous.

Tile stripes can be subtle or bold. The white tiled walls divided by black pinstripes create height in a bathroom as your eye travels from one thin stripe to the next. On the floor, bold black and white stripes add structure and drama to create a classic feel.

Stripes can add subtle, soft design allure as well. The gray and blue mosaics echo the colors found in the marble pieces, tying the space together. Incorporating modern graphics with classic Carrara creates a timeless space.

To get the look try our 2 x 2 Tile size in a blue and gray of your choice.

slate blue 2x2 square tile and gypsum 2x2 square tiles

Tile Colors Shown: Slate Blue, and Gypsum

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