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Design Trends: How to Pair Handpainted and Field Tile

By Kali

A duo that just makes sense, handpainted and field tile are a classic pairing. From tried and true 3x6 subway tile to squares to more contemporary larger format rectangles, these shapes cleanly compliment the intricacies of a handpainted pattern. Whether you are creating a handpainted focal point, full backsplash, or floor, we're sharing our favorite pairings from your bathroom to your kitchen.

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In your Bathroom:
From the floor to your shower pan to all the walls, there is a lot of ground to cover in a bathroom, thus a lot of fun to be had with tile. You can go bold with a handpainted floor or an accent wall, but if you're on a budget, you can always make a statement with a running band or short splash above your sink.

Handpainted tiles work so well for flooring. They look great and as an added bonus, they create a nice bit of grip for your feet in the damp environment. Below, they've gone graphic with a black and white handpainted pattern and pair with a sleek 2x6 tile in an offset pattern:

Image: Apartment Therapy

Tile Shown: Old Cairo in its 3 motifs, keep in mind you can easily customize it to be whatever colors you want.

Square tile is a perfect partner for handpainted tiles. Try a 4x4 or 6x6 (two sizes from our lower price point Foundation Collection) in one of our Foundation colors, like White Wash or Tusk, for $18 a square foot.

Tile Shown: 6x6s in White Wash

A bit of handpainted can go a long way. You can create a focal point over your sink as they have done below or a short splash above your vanity. Worried about it being busy? Choose a matching grout color for your field tile.

Something else you might try if you are tiling a full wall is a look like the one below. You can mix 6x6 tiles from our Classic Cuerda Seca tiles and pair them with 6x6 field tiles, in neutrals or colors depending on your style.

In Your Kitchen:
Whether you go for handpainted for your backsplash and field for your flooring or the reverse, you're guaranteed a result you'll love for years to come.

Many people will choose to do a handpainted focal point above the stovetop and tile the rest of the area with field tile:

Tile Shown: Custom Madrid and 4x4s in Gardenia

You can also install a focal point above your sink:

Tile Shown: Isoceles surrouned by 3x6 subway tiles in White Wash

Also, don't forget about our Thin Glazed Brick as a pairing option. As you can see from the installation below, brick and handpainted work very well together.

Tile Shown: Our Brick in Snow

Tile Shown: Murietta in Neutral Motif

A handpainted tile floor like the one below is smartly paired with classic 3x6 subway tiles on the backsplash. A kitchen floor is a beautiful canvas to show off a larger scale handpainted pattern.

Some of our handpainted tiles take four pieces to create the full pattern, making them a great contender for flooring, where you can really see the full effect:

Tile Shown: Persian Star in Neutral Motif

Do you like any of the featured colors? Order samples online now. Interested in our handpainted tiles? Try our COLOR-IT Tool for a customized look. Need some help? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.