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Design Trends: Hexagons in the Kitchen

Posted by: Kali • Feb 2

Design Trends: Hexagons in the Kitchen

Image: Design Sponge

Hexagons were a huge hit last year and we imagine they will continue to be a favorite. While we're very accustomed to seeing this popular shape in a bathroom application, we would really like to see them make more appearances in the kitchen. Ideal for both flooring and your backsplash, hexagons fit into an array of design styles.

We're sharing our favorite ways to use the beloved hexagon in your kitchen below, but if you would like more inspiration, head to our Pinterest Board.

For Your Backplash:
Geometric shapes are a trend that's here to stay and there is not reason hexagons shouldn't be up for consideration for your backsplash.

We love how this geometric shape makes for a clean, yet textured focal point in this bright kitchen.

Image: Design Sponge

Trim is something that you might have to consider if you choose hexagons for your backsplash and the tile will have exposed edges (like the image below). You can opt for a flatliner or you can also go for Schluter (as they have done below) in the finish of your choice.

Image: Design Sponge

For a look like the one above you could try our 3" Hexagons in White Wash:

A bit of a larger hexagon (4" to 6") works very well if you are extending your backsplash up past the standard height as they have done below:

Image: Tonic Living

If you want to highlight the shape of your hexagons a bit more, simply choose a contrasting grout color:

Image: Inside Out

For a bold backsplash like the one above, try out 3" Hexagons in Basalt:

For Your Kitchen Floors:
Hexagons work well for the kitchen because while they certainly add interest, they don't overly compete with other design elements. Easily paired with classic subway, field or handpainted tiles, this versatile shape makes for a dynamic flooring option. While you'll typically see smaller hexes in a bathroom setting (3" or 4'" to prevent slipping in a more wet environment), you can go for a large 6" or 8" in the kitchen.

Image: Style Me Pretty

For a rustic floor like the one above try our Antique in a 6" or 8" Hexagon:

A neutral blend of colors in an 6" to 8" hexagon floor is a great way to go:

Image: House Beautiful

For a look like the one above you might try:

Tile Shown: 8" hexes in a blend of Nautical, Shale, Cyclone and Daisy.

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